March Recipe Madness - Battle of the Sweet Treats

It's March Madness, so I decided to have a little fun on my blog. During the NCAA basketball tournament, I'm doing a competition of my own to determine the "Sweet Treat Champion"! There will be three rounds of "games" with two recipes competing against each other to determine the winner based on views and social media shares.

Starting now until 10 PM EST March 20, there will be four games going on simultaneously with two cupcakes competing, two pies, two cookies, and two sweet drinks. YOU help determine the winner by sharing, commenting, and viewing the best sounding recipes!


Free Throw (1 pt): Past and present views of recipe on blogger (I'll divide to make a more reasonable score, ex: 100 views = 1 point)

Dunk (2 pts): Vote for the recipe (see polls below)

3 Pointer: Share or shout-out on social media during the game. Can be a pin, Facebook share, tweet, mention on blog, etc. Just make sure and let me know by commenting below!

Game Schedule

Round 1: Starts Today and runs through 10 PM EST March 20

Final FourStarts after Round 1 and runs through 10 PM EST March 22

Championship: Starts after the Final Four Games and Ends 10 PM EST March 24

Recipes Competing

So what recipes are competing? There are four regions, each with two recipes. First up, we have the Cupcake Region where Cannoli Cream will be battling it out with Andes Mint.
Which is Your Favorite Cupcake? free polls 

Next, from the Pie Region we have Key Lime vs Banana Caramel.
Which is Your Favorite Pie? free polls 

The Cookie Region appears strong with Andes Mint going up against the Strawberry White Chocolate.
Which is Your Favorite Cookie? free polls 

Finally we have the Sweet Drinks Region. For this battle, we have Copycat Orange Julius competing with Cinnamon Roll Hot Chocolate.
Which is Your Favorite Sweet Drink? free polls 

So check out the recipes and vote or share/tweet/pin your favorite! Click on the name above to find the original post. Make sure and leave a comment to let me know which recipe scored points! Check back as I keep you up to date on the latest results. Here's my bracket for the tournament:

 Don't forget to leave a comment with your favorite and help determine the Sweet Treat Champion!

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