Apple Pie for Pi Day

If you missed my intro yesterday, I'm having a week long party all about pies this week in celebration of Pi Day this Friday! Each day I'm sharing a different recipe, or round-up, pertaining to pie. I've got some new recipes, including a savory pie to share. Check back each day this week for a new crust covered treat. Make sure and tweet your favorite ideas, with the hashtag #piday. There are already a ton of ideas people have shared on Twitter!

Here is the schedule for the week:

Pi Day is the celebration of the unique number pi. Did you know pi has been calculated out to over 10 trillion decimal places without any repetition? There are even competitions to see how many digits math lovers can memorize. The record? Over 67,000!

The week long celebration starts with America's favorite pie - apple pie! I'm sharing my favorite apple pie recipes I've worked with in the past. My road to pie making started out a bit bumpy, but I've learned and made some progress in the apple pie department.

Here are my favorite three apple pie treats I've made:

Classic Apple Pie with a Disney Twist

My first attempt at making my dad an apple pie didn't go so well, but my next attempt was much better! I made a few changes to the filling and added some delicious finishing touches to the top crust of the pie. I also made one small change to the appearance - I Disney-fied it! Before covering the pie, I cut out Mickey ears to give the pie a cute touch. This is easy to do with cookie cutters and can be customized for whatever theme you want!

What goes better with warm apples than cinnamon? This mini twist on an apple pie uses a cinnamon roll crust that's easy to make with refrigerated pie crust. These pies bake in a cupcake tin, and they are the perfect individual size treat. You can eveb kick then up a notch by adding some ice cream or caramel sauce (or both)!

My last apple pie treat thinks outside the crust. You didn't think I would totally leave out cakes, did you?! These cupcakes are filled with all the delicious flavors of apple pie. The cake batter has apples, cinnamon, and nutmeg - yum! The cupcakes are topped with a delicious cinnamon streusel AND a caramel buttercream. These are a truly delicious treat for those that want a unique apple pie dessert!

Check back tomorrow for a round-up of my favorite pi day treats - both mine, and ones I've found from others! As always, make sure and follow me to keep up with my latest posts. See you tomorrow!

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