Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Coconut Buttercream

I've been a bit inactive on my blog lately, but it just occurred to me that last Saturday was my blog's 4th "birthday"! I can't believe that it has been four years since I've started this site. I've gone through periods of not writing much, but I've at least posted every few months, often much more frequently, since Feb 27, 2012.

I had few expectations when starting the blog, I wasn't sure if anyone other than my mother would ever read it! I would not say it has a lot of traffic, but I do see occasionally people pin a cake idea or a recipe. It's still worth it to me, though, to keep the site active. I enjoy that I can go back and revisit some special moments from my life, and have a one stop shop for all the cakes and recipes I've tried!

One thing I definitely didn't expect, though, was how much the blog could change me. Over the past few years, wanting to post new and exciting recipes and cake designs has caused me to experiment a lot more in the kitchen! I've grown as a decorator, baker, and even cook! When work has been stressful, it has been nice to have the weekend to look forward and a special dinner for my husband and I to cook, or a creative cake design for an upcoming celebration.