My Favorite Vanilla Cake

When it comes to my friends and family, my most requested cake has been my chocolate cake. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but even I love it. I seriously have to give it away if I have some leftover, I can't stop myself from snacking on it. My white cake has always been a bit more of a challenge. My very first attempt at making a white cake completely by scratch was a bit of a disaster! It was for my cake decorating class, and I choose one of the harder cakes. You had to beat egg whites and fold it into the rest of the batter. I had a lot of trouble getting the egg whites to form stiff peaks, I think I gave up before it got to the point it was supposed to be at. I've since made cakes with egg whites, but that first attempt was a bit of a disaster.

After that, I started working with a recipe my teacher gave me in one of my cake decorating classes. The first time I made it, the cake was amazing! Somehow after that, though, it didn't quite work as well... The recipe seems sensitive to small adjustments. Over the past year, I've tweaked a few things here and there, trying to get back to the flavor and texture it had the first time I baked it. It is a doctored cake mix (but an involved one at that). I've played around with the cake mix used, temperature of different ingredients, order of mixing, and oven temperature. Finally, this past weekend I made my absolute favorite white cake.

It was very surprising, because I (of course) was rushing to get it made. That's usually when I make silly mistakes. The cake baked perfectly, though. It rose to the desired height, there was no crater in the middle. (Ok, it's never that big of a dip in the middle, but you get the picture.) I was really nervous as this was the first cake I made for my in-laws. But, the cake was moist and delicious! It was just like I remembered from the first time I made it. So, now I want to share it with you! Hopefully if I have it documented on here, I will be able to replicate it in the future. My notebook that contains the recipe should probably be tossed, it's got cake batter caked all over it! 

My Favorite White Cake ingredients:
  • 1 box Betty Crocker white cake mix
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbs vegetable oil
  • 3 large eggs (room temp)
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 1/3 cup water
My Favorite White Cake directions:
  • Preheat oven to 325F
  • Leave eggs sitting out to get to room temp
  • Completely combine dry ingredients (cake mix, flour, sugar)
  • Mix in eggs, vanilla, oil, sour cream, and water
  • Beat for a minute on medium speed
  • Prepare cake pan with cooking spray
  • Pour batter into pan
  • Bake according to pan size, using Wilton baking charts (slightly increasing time for the lower temp)

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that it is easy to adjust for different flavors. You can replace some of the water with flavoring to experiment with different types of cakes! Check back later this week, as I will (hopefully) be sharing my second attempt at cake batter ice cream. Last time didn't go so well... Also, don't forget to link up to my Sweet Tooth Tuesdays party going on through Friday!

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Here's the recipe card:

Don't forget to check out my other cards as well. I'm continuing to grow the number I have on the site!

Sweet Tooth Tuesdays #12

Another Tuesday, another Sweet Tooth Tuesday link party! I love this party and getting so many creative ideas. Today is the 12th party and I'm sure we will have another week of fabulous ideas. Thanks to all my loyal readers who link up week after week - you help keep this party fun! Thanks, as well, to any visitors checking out this party for the first time. Feel free to link up and then look around my site some.

I have some great features again this week. Chocolate pound cake and boozy cherry chocolate pie? Yum! The nut free granola bars look fabulous as well! I love the quick and beautiful letter hanging craft idea, I want to try it sometime! Don't forget my features will be pinned to a Sweet Tooth Tuesdays board on my Pinterest page, as well as shared on my Twitter account.

Chocolate Pound Cake from Simple Nourished Living
Nut Free Chewy Granola Bars from Twinkling Trees
30 Minute Letter Hanging from The Princess and Her Cowboys
Boozy Cherry Chocolate Pie from Red Cottage Chronicles

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Sweet Tooth Tuesdays
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Polaroid Cake

Any Polaroid fans out there? This past weekend my in-laws got together to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. She will also be moving soon for a new job, so it was a birthday/going away/congrats on your job kind of party! When my mother-in-law asked me to make a cake, I thought long and hard about a theme. I knew she loved flowers on cakes (as she loves lots of icing). I wanted to incorporate that, but also something that was personal to her.

After a few different ideas, I decided to go with Polaroid cameras. Sara loves Polaroid cameras, she has quite a few. The only problem was...could I really make one? I was starting to worry that I might have taken on more than I could handle.  I think even my husband was a little worried it was a bit too challenging. About a week before the party, I started working on the fondant camera. I found a picture of a camera online and just started molding the fondant. The camera turned out better than I thought! 

The cake baking and decorating also went smoother than I expected. Usually when I'm decorating and baking at another location, I end up forgetting things and having lots of challenges! Thankfully, though, this weekend went off without any major issues. The cake was a big hit with Sara, and the rest of my in-laws! I used a slightly different vanilla cake recipe, I think it made a big difference. I will be featuring that on my blog later this week. Today, though, I wanted to share the basic steps I used to create this camera topper.

Fondant Polaroid camera tools:
  • Crisco (for greasing surface to keep fondant from sticking
  • Fondant smoother
  • Black fondant
  • White fondant
  • Red, yellow, and blue fondant (or dye)
  • Metal spatula for cutting fondant
  • Fondant roller
  • Water
  • Paintbrush

Fondant Polaroid Camera instructions:
  • Start with black fondant and mold into a corner shape, use the fondant smoother to flatten out

  • Use a meta spatula to cut straight edges of the bottom and back

  • Form a piece of white fondant (approximately the same size, but thinner) to fit on top of the black portion
  • Attach the fondant using gum glue (fondant or gum paste pieces dissolved in water), you can paint the gum glue on to the back of the white piece

  • Roll out a small ball of black fondant that will be about the size of a lens for the camera
  • Flatten the ball with a rounded edge tool, making a circular hole in the center

  • Attach the lens to the center of the vertical white portion using a paintbrush and gum glue
  • Roll out red fondant to around 1/16 in
  • Cut out a small circle of red fondant
  • Attach this circle to the left side of the lens using gum glue ( I stuck it on using a toothpick to stick into place)

  • Roll out black fondant paper thin
  • Create a small rectangle out of the fondant (approx 3X the width of the small red circle)
  • Attach the black rectangle to the camera, right above the red circle
  • Create a small black square out of the black fondant (just a bit smaller than the lens)
  • Form a small black circle to complete the features of the camera, this should be just slightly smaller than the red circle
  • Attach the black square and circle to the camera, to the right of the lens

  • The topper is really starting to look like a camera, but there's a little more to do! Next, roll out white fondant into a thin rope. Attach that to the front of the lens with gum glue
  • Roll out a thin piece of white fondant and color on the red, yellow, and blue stripes (the total strip should be half as thick as the diameter of the lens)
  • Cut out the red/yellow/blue strip and attach to the front of the camera
  • You can create an optional view finder using a chunk of black fondant. I just played around with molding it until I got something that resembled it, really this won't be seen much. I attached with gum glue and let it rest on something overnight so the finder would stay in place.
  • To finish out the look, I created a 1/16 rectangle of white fondant
  • I rolled out black fondant paper thin and placed a square on the white rectangle - this created the cute film

I loved working on this camera, and really enjoyed creating the final product! Here's the cake:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Don't forget to check back later this week for the vanilla cake recipe. Also, I'm hoping to share my next installation of my I Dream of Ice Cream series. Anyone who read about my ice cream fiasco last week will be glad to know I'm once again trying a cake batter recipe! Make sure and follow my blog, or follow me on social media, to keep up with my latest posts.

Confessions of a Blogger

Some of you may be visiting my blog for the next installment of my I Dream of Ice Cream series. As previously promised, I made a delicious sounding cake batter ice cream. I took pictures and had a post all written up. All I needed was that final shot of the ice cream all frozen and ready to eat. Well, and to actually taste the ice cream. I had been dreaming of this, I love cake batter ice cream. I found a recipe on a website (not a food blog) and it boosted that it was a copycat version of Cold Stone ice cream. Delicious, right? Wrong!

Now here I was with this beautiful looking (and sounding) ice cream. I have to say that just for a split second, a thought entered my mind to go ahead and post this recipe. Now, before you think I'm too bad, it was just for a brief moment. Very few of us like to admit our mistakes or failures, but I think this can be especially true of bloggers. I know in reality there might not have been anyone rushing to the internet to check out the next post in my new series. But, it bothered me that I said I would post it and then would have to admit to not succeeding in making this ice cream.

I got to thinking, though, that this is hardly the first time this has happened. I tend to only post on here when everything goes well. What you don't see are the cakes that stick to the pan, the cupcakes that flop, or the first attempt at some of my fondant creations. You don't see our small kitchen looking like a tornado ripped through it (I strategically position my pictures to avoid the mess from all the baking). You don't hear my husband trying to console me from a cake I'm convinced I've completely ruined. Trust me, there is a lot to my baking/cake decorating adventures that you don't see.

I think, as a blogger, it is important to try to be "real" and honest with your readers. It's just too easy to post recipes that don't taste good to try to meet the posting schedule you set for yourself that week. But, do I really want to share something that I don't think is any good? I'm sure we have all made something from Pinterest (or a blog) that didn't live up to its hype or claim. Now to be fair, this recipe may have been perfectly great for someone else. It could be a difference in taste (though I've had my fair share of Cold Stone cake batter ice cream). Or, it could be that I didn't execute the recipe properly. But, as a blogger, I think we should always try to present our readers with something relevant, creative, and (for us food bloggers) delicious - to the best of our abilities. I've read a lot of blogs lately that have talked about being upfront with their readers, I love that! They shared some of their secrets and failures that get glossed over with their photoshopped pictures and amazing creations. Whether it's with baking, cooking, sewing, or crafting - nobody is perfect!'s a list of my 10 biggest flops from baking/cake decorating so far. Hope you have a laugh and enjoy my mistakes!

  1. Not spraying the cake pan enough and having a smash cake rip in half when getting it out. Of course, this was at night and I ended up staying up late to get the cake ready.
  2. The time I tried to recreate a Samoa cookie in popcorn form. I'd seen similar ideas online and had it all figured out in my head. Somehow, though, the idea did not translate well from my head to the oven. It was ok, but nothing resembling a Samoa cookie.
  3. My first apple pie, it was just bad. (Wrong type of apples, too few apples, not peeling apples, etc)
  4. Exploding cupcakes. Well, not exploding, but they were crazy looking - pouring over the side of the wrapper. I was using a different type of cupcake wrapper and didn't pay attention to how much shorter they were.
  5. My spicy red velvet cake - you'll have to check out the post to read all about that one.
  6. Starting a cake and then realizing you don't have one of the key ingredients. Ok, it's not that bad. Except, we are talking about this happening many times.
  7. Wilting sunflower cupcakes...I had to scratch them and start over.
  8. An attempt at a checkerboard pattern cake, disregarding the fact I was using two different types of recipes, one which was much thicker than the other. I was sure I could make it work. Nope!
  9. The couple several fondant creatures that were made before I finally made something that resembled a horse.
  10. My first apple pie. I'm mentioning it again, as it was just that bad!
  11. After reading this, my husband had to chime in with one. Emergency run to a store to buy a replacement tip after having one fall into the garbage disposal...
Hope you had a laugh and enjoyed this post! I'm sure all of us bloggers could learn to laugh at our mistakes a little more. Have a great weekend!

Online Recipe Box and Cards


I love technology. Between work, blogging, and using my smart phone, it seems like my day revolves around screens and the internet. I'm not sure what I did back when I had just a flip phone that could play two games. While most of technology is great, occasionally I think there are a few things that we lose in this digital age. When is the last time you put vacation photos in an album, or looked through a friend's photo album of current pictures? I'm sure some of you still print out your pics. But, for most of us, our pics may be in an "album," but it's the digital kind on our computer. Now don't get me wrong, I love that I can catch up with friends and see their pictures on Facebook. But, we've never even printed off our honeymoon pics - that was a year ago!

In an age of unlimited data at your finger tips, it seems like the days of keeping your family recipes on cards in a recipe box isn't as prevalent either. Now, again, I love that I have a whole web full of recipes at my disposal. I pull up recipes on my phone (safely free of water with my handy iPhone kitchen stand) and look at them that way. I occasionally pull out a recipe book, but I can definitely say I have never pulled out a recipe card from a box. I remember my mom had a collection of cards passed down to her with some family recipes written out. She shared some with me a few months ago. I had never even met some of these family members, but I felt a connection with them seeing their recipes and imagining them preparing the food for their families. I've been thinking lately how special it would be to have my recipes in a book, or recipe box, to pass on to future generations some day. By then, who knows if they will be able to read my blog - maybe the internet will be old news and an even newer technology will exist!

So...all that to say, I decided to start a project of making a recipe box filled with all the recipes from my blog. Now this will take a while to type them all out, and print/cut them. But, I saw an adorable idea online of how to make some recipe card templates using my favorite tool, PicMonkey! I'm not sure who originally came up with the idea (I saw it online a lot), but I thought it sounded fun! I made my own template and am slowly going through them. Instead of writing them out, I'm filling them out in a cool handwriting font on the site. My hand writing is not great, so I'm fine with that! They may be digital recipe cards, but I do plan on printing them out and having a physical box as well.

I shared this with you for two reasons:
  1. I made a fun new feature on my blog using these cards
  2. I'm sharing the steps to make these, in case you too would like to make some templates
First, I want to show you my new feature! I'm slowly going to make cards for all my recipes. But for future posts, they will always be included at the bottom of the post. I also have the recipe cards in a digital recipe card box. You may have noticed the checkered recipe box off to the right hand side of my blog.

If you click on the box, it "opens" up a page filled with my cards. You can download, save, or share these with friends! I'm so excited for people to use this new feature!

Now, some of you might want to make your own recipe cards. If so, here are just a few easy to steps to make these.

 Recipe Card Instructions:
  • Open a photo, it doesn't matter what it is, or what size (as long as it's larger than 4x6
  • Crop down to a 4x6 photo in PicMonkey
  • Rotate to be horizontal
  • Cover the picture with a white rectangle
  • Add in text for "Recipe," "Directions," and "Ingredients"
  • Add in other details to make the recipe card your own
  • Save this as a template, each time you want to make a recipe card you can just open the file and edit 
  • When making a card, choose one of the handwriting fonts, to give it that hand written look. OR you can print out the template and write them by hand!  
  • Some recipes are long, so I made a template for the "back" of the card
Thanks for checking these out! Feel free to download and share my recipes. I just ask that you keep the "Sarah Lynn's Sweets" on the card and give credit (mainly for the ones that are my own creation).

Don't forget to check back soon as I will be continuing my I Dream of Ice Cream series later this week with a cake batter recipe. It's currently chilling, I cannot wait to try it!

Sweet Tooth Tuesdays #11

It's Tuesday and that means party time, Sweet Tooth Tuesday link party that is! Last week was great, there are always great ideas linked up, but it seemed extra creative. I really had a hard time picking features. I hope that we have another great week in this 11th week of the party, let's keep it going strong!

I think you will agree, these features are pretty great! Like I said, it was hard to choose this week - everything looked so delicious and creative! Don't forget my features will be pinned to a Sweet Tooth Tuesdays board on my Pinterest page, as well as shared on my Twitter account.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee from Life After Empty Nest
The Cutest Crab Cake from We Like to Learn As We Go
Chippy WIndow Memo Board from Denise...on a whim
Chalkboard Jars from Oh So Crafty Life

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Sweet Tooth Tuesdays
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Please make sure and follow me to get updates and see who is featured next week! Also, you will want to come back to check out my posts this week. I kicked off a new series, I Dream of Ice Cream, this week! I will be sharing another post in the series later this week. Also, I have a new feature to my blog that I'm excited to share, along with a fun PicMonkey project!

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I Dream of Ice Cream #1: Very Vanilla

Today is National Ice Cream Day! What better way to celebrate than to kick off my new series, I Dream of Ice Cream? (Yes, I guess actually eating ice cream might be a little better...) Last month my in-laws got me a brand new, shiny ice cream maker! I was so excited to try it out, I started making a list of all the recipes to try. Then we were out of town and I started a new job, so things got busy. Finally, though, I have started using it and I LOVE it! I decided for the rest of the summer (and probably longer) I'm going to do a series of ice cream recipes. It may be a month into summer, but it has only recently begun to really feel like it. I don't know about where you live, but here it has just been plain HOT! So, let's beat the summer heat together and enjoy a tasty scoop of ice cream.

I have always loved ice cream. I grew up in a rural area, so I was an adult before I ever lived somewhere that an ice cream truck went by! But, that didn't stop me from enjoying some delicious, frozen dessert. One of my first favorite ice cream treats was the Push Up. Not only were they my favorite flavor orange, but also they had The Flintstones on them (my favorite cartoon)! After that, I moved on to Baskin Robbins cookie dough, ColdStone cake batter, and even Dippin' Dots! If you aren't much on ice cream but prefer gelato, yogurt, or custard - don't worry I hope to have something for you all too.

Now, I have somehow never made homemade ice cream in an ice cream maker before. I made it once in cans where you rolled them back and was fun when I was little, but this is so much easier! I decided to start with a simple vanilla. It may be plain, but it is extremely delicious! We bought some caramel sauce for it, but it was so flavorful and delicious, we didn't need any toppings. If you have an ice cream maker, I hope you try out this scrumptious recipe. If you don't have one, you should add it to your wish list!!

Very Vanilla Ice Cream ingredients:
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 tbs vanilla
Very Vanilla Ice Cream instructions:
  • Start by freezing the bowl for your ice cream (if it isn't already), 24 hours is recommended
  • Mix together the sugar, milk, vanilla, salt with whisk or hand mixer until sugar is dissolved
  • Cover bowl with two layers of plastic wrap (we put a rubber band around it to seal it

  • Refrigerate for a couple hours 
  • Pour mixture into ice cream maker

  • Follow the instructions for your maker to make the ice cream, ours needed about 18 minutes
  • Scoop into bowl and cover

  • Freeze for a few hours
Hope you enjoyed this frozen treat recipe! Be sure to follow me to keep up with future I Dream of Ice Cream posts!

Cake Decorating at ANY Level

Today's post is all about cake decorating - no matter what your skill level is! When I started my blog, I had never held a piping bag and knew little to nothing about fondant. I started with ideas on Pinterest that used candy and various simple means of decorating cupcakes. I did occasionally pipe on decorations, but I didn't own any tips or pastry bags, so I would just cut a whole in Ziplocs. It wasn't the fanciest method, but it did the job.

As I progressed, I learned a LOT about cake (and cupcake) decorating! I started investing in some tools, most of which made my life much easier. It also just takes a lot of practice to get to more advanced levels. As I review my creations, I feel like they kind of fall into three categories, or levels, of expertise: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Now, I should say that this is advanced relative to my skills. My "advanced" cakes are no where near the skill and complexity of much more advanced bakers. But, for me, I break down these levels to mean this:

Beginner - no special tools or fondant required
Intermediate - some piping tips and tools required
Advanced - fondant, special tools, training/practice required

So here is my round-up of ideas, hopefully you find something you would like to re-create! I wanted to share these as a fun round-up to help people of all decorating levels find some ideas. Plus, a lot of these creations came from when my mom and a few friends were the only ones reading my blog. Now that I have more readers, I'd like to share some of these "old" posts! This is a loooong post - feel free to jump to whatever level you are interested in. But, I'd love for you to check out all the ideas if you are interested!


Domino Graham Cracker Treats

These domino snacks were one of my first decorating treats I made for the blog. These are the only non-cake idea in the round-up. My family loves to play games when we get together, particularly Dominoes. I decided it would be fun to have a themed snack for one of our game nights. These snacks are simply graham crackers covered in white chocolate and topped with mini M&M's. I put melted chocolate in a Ziploc, with the corner cut, to make the line in the center. They were fun to make, and an easy snack to munch on during the game. You can find the full instructions here.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes

The next creation is a bit more of a challenge, but definitely do-able. I made this without any piping tools. The Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcake/cake creation was for an adoption shower we threw for my sister. It was just a couple months before she and her family left for China. It really isn't too complicated. You start by baking cupcakes and a 6-inch round cake. You decorate those with green and red icing - you are almost done! I just added some features (name, feet, facial features) with chocolate. I melted it and piped it through a Ziploc bag onto wax paper. Nothing too complicated! Check out the post here.

Easy Flower Cupcakes

Finally, I have some flower cupcakes. Now I know what you are thinking, these look pretty complicated! But really they aren't, I promise! All that's required is cutting marshmallows in half, sticking them in sprinkles, and then placing them down on icing. It's one of the simplest ways to make cupcakes really pop. Read more about the cupcake assembly here.


Now things get more complicated...but just a little!

Flower Cupcakes

These cupcakes make quite a statement. I have made them for three different occasions now, they are always a big hit! They aren't as complicated as they look, as long as you have the right tools. The rose and sunflower cupcakes really require that you have some piping tips. You need a star tip to do the rose, and the leaf tip to do the sunflower. The daisy is much more simple, it's just hard to keep the petals from falling off sometimes!! Check out my first post about these cupcakes here.

1950's cupcakes

These cupcakes are relatively simple, but make quite the statement. They were made for a 50's themed surprise party for my mom. The soda pop cupcake icing is best piped, so you get that soda pop look. The record cupcakes were made by piping on the music notes. I made a record out of Wilton sugar sheets, it's not too hard to work with. Definitely check out this post, I include instructions on making a cupcake stand using old records!

Panda Cupcakes

These "bear"-y cute cupcakes (sorry couldn't resist), are easier than they look to make! I used mini Oreos and chocolate icing to make all the details. I included them in the intermediate level, though, because there is a lot of piping! You need an actual tip for this one, as well as a steady hand. Check out the post about these here.


Now things get fun...

Lions, Tigers,...and Soccer Ball?

Ok, so this one needs a bit of an explanation. My husband and I are very close with my niece and nephew. They live a few hours away, though, so we don't see them a lot. When we do see them, we love to spoil them do special things for them. They were both on soccer teams last fall and we got to come home for a game. I made them special cupcakes with soccer balls and their team's mascots - my niece was on the Lions team and my nephew was on the Tigers team. These cupcakes require a lot of fondant work, so you definitely need some experience when working on this. You can find the step by step instructions here.

Love Birds cake

This is one of my favorite cakes, I made it for my husband for Valentine's Day. We love penguins and it was the perfect theme for us! This cake takes some practice in piping text, smoothing buttercream, and working with shaping fondant. You can find the cake topper instructions here. If you are interested in the cake recipe (chocolate covered strawberry cake - strawberry cake with white chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate filling), you can find it here.

Basketball Cake

Finally, I have a cake for basketball fans! I made this cake for my husband's birthday, he is a huge UK Wildcats fan. This was made in 2012 when they were still the reigning NCAA champs. This year - not so much! But, he loves them anyway. This cake took a LOT of work, it definitely is one of my more "advanced" cakes! I've made some more complicated looking cakes (including my pink/zebra print tiered cake and my Disney's Cars themed cake), but this one used a ton of different skills. Even the basketball goal was made by me, using a mixture of gum paste and fondant! You can find the instructions here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some ideas you'd like to try! I definitely recommend just trying your hand at it, even if you've never made a cupcake before. I hadn't baked much a couple years ago, and now it's a huge passion of mine! 

Check back next week as I help beat the summer heat with the kick-off of a homemade ice cream series (aka I finally start using my ice cream maker I got last month)!

Cookie Round-Up

Most of the recipes on my blog have been cakes and cupcakes, but I have experimented with some cookies as well! I like experimenting and testing out twists on favorite traditional cookies. Here's a round-up of some of my favorite cookies I've made. A few of these were made in the earlier stages of my blog when I wasn't sharing as much or didn't have many followers. I wanted to share those, along with some of my newer cookies!

Elvis Cookies (Peanut Butter and Banana)

These Elvis cookies were my first cookie experiment. They got their name from Elvis' love of banana peanut butter sandwiches. I had made some banana peanut butter muffins, and loved the combination of those flavors. I decided to try this out in a cookie form. I added some fresh banana and a dash of banana extract to a peanut butter cookie recipe. The results were a tasty, and extremely moist, peanut butter cookie. You really get the traditional flavor, the banana is just a nice surprise! The banana also gives some moisture to this cookie, which makes for a great texture. It seems like peanut butter cookies tend to be a little dry sometimes.

Microwaveable Deep Dish Cookie

I found a recipe for a deep dish chocolate chip cookie, so I decided to make it into a sugar cookie with a caramel drizzle on top. This deep dish cookie recipe is quick and easy, you bake it in the microwave! But, the flavor is wonderful and it's great for a single serving dessert. It's more of a cake texture, but it's a great way to have a deep dish cookie in a hurry!

Red Velvet White Chocolate Cookies

My next cookie to share is one of my favorites, Red Velvet White Chocolate cookies. These cookies start with a red velvet cake mix and are SO easy to make! You can dust on a little powdered sugar, and they are delicious AND festive. I made these at Christmas time, and again on Mother's Day for some DIY goodie bags I made for Hospice patients.

Banana White Chocolate Chip

Banana White Chocolate Chip cookies are up next. These cookies are packed with flavor and extremely moist. I didn't experiment with this cookie when I found it online, it just sounded amazing! You could, though, switch out and put chocolate chips in. Peanut butter chips would be another tasty twist for these cookies.

Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

You may have seen my Strawberry White Chocolate Chip cookies, they are my most recent creation. I love this summer twist on a chocolate chip cookie! They are packed full of strawberry flavor, and super easy to make. You could make them with chocolate chips instead of white chocolate, if you prefer that flavor.

Dreamsicle Cookies

These Dreamsicle cookies are a twist on the Cool Whip cookies that have been all over Pinterest. Instead of using white cake mix, I used an orange cake mix. These cookies are SO easy to make! You will be amazed at how light these cookies are.

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