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Halfway to First

A little while back, our sweet boy turned 6 months old! I'm not sure where time is going. The cake decorator in me couldn't resist marking the occasion with cake. Don't worry, he did not actually eat the cake. Clearly his mother's child, though, he did lunge and try (unsuccessfully) to grab some icing. It might seem a little silly, but it was a fun way to celebrate how well our son is doing.
Our pregnancy started pretty uneventful, I did not suffer from any morning sickness and had very few symptoms. Our appointments all went well and we anxiously anticipated finding out the gender at our anatomy scan. The day of the scan we arrived at the office full of anticipation! As the ultrasound tech began, I could sense something was off. She began going over measurements multiple times and not talking to us. I could see some percentiles and information on the screen and when I asked questions she quickly said we would have to wait to talk to the doctor. I was getting more pa…

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