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Pies for Pi Day

Anyone know what holiday is tomorrow (March 14)? It's one of my favorite holidays - Pi Day! Pi is a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It's been determined to over a trillion places without ending or repeating digits. You can learn more about pi and Pi day here.

The first few digits of pi are 3.14159265358, hence the reason 3/14 is Pi Day. The holiday is extra special this year since the next two digits in pi are '15' and tomorrow is 3/14/15! Only every hundred years does that happen. I've always been a bit of a math nerd and even kept a journal when I was little to try to see how many digits of pi I could calculate. Even if you aren't a math nerd like me, Pi Day is a great excuse to enjoy another one of my favorites - pie!

Check out some of my favorite pie recipes from the last few years and celebrate tomorrow with  slice of pie! The recipes include fruit pies, quick and simple sweet pies, a savory pot pie, and pie inspired cupcakes.

Banana Caramel Pie - delicious pie filled with banana and caramel goodness!

KY Pie Cupcakes - cupcake with all the flavors of a KY pie!

34 Birthday Cakes/Cupcakes for Kids

One of my favorite types of cakes to make are cakes for kids birthday parties. Whether its sports, animals, or a beloved character, there are endless opportunities and options out there for themes! Today I'm sharing a round-up of 34 kids birthday cake ideas I've created over the last few years. Most have a blog post associated with them, so you can click on them to find more information about how I made the cupcakes/cakes.


First up are some cakes and cupcakes for kids who love flowers, rainbows, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. My personal favorites are the garden theme and ladybugs!

          Ladybug Cupcakes                  Flower Garden Cake/Cupcakes

    Butterfly Cake                                Rainbow Cupcakes

Banana Pudding Cake

One of my favorite aspects of blogging is being creative and transforming something that is ordinary. Whether its reinventing a classic dessert, repurposing an everyday item, or adding an unexpected ingredient, I love experimenting and adding my own twist. I recently watched an episode of Trisha Yearwood's Food Network show where she did just that with a Southern staple - banana pudding. I was so intrigued by the recipe, that I knew I had to try it myself! Trisha transforms the classic dessert into a cake, while maintaining all of the important elements - bananas, vanilla pudding, and vanilla wafers.

Both the vanilla wafers and the bananas are included in the cake which contribute to its rich flavor and moist texture. In fact the vanilla wafers replace the flour, I'm definitely trying that in other cake recipes! The final element of banana pudding is vanilla pudding. In the cake recipe, the pudding serves as the filling between the two thin layers of cake. Trisha's original recipe calls for a homemade pudding, but I used an instant box mix.

I've made a couple recipes lately that call for powdered sugar to be dusted on top of the dessert, such as my bananas and brown sugar french toast. Every time I have a recipe that calls for that I wish that powdered sugar was sold in a shaker dispenser at my local grocery instead of a box. My go to buttercream recipe calls for a whole box and I hate to open one just for finishing a dessert! After saying this multiple times, I finally decided just to make my own powdered sugar dispenser by repurposing a small Parmesan cheese dispenser. It seals nicely so I will have powdered sugar on hand the next time I need it to dust a dessert with powdered sugar; no more partially used boxes laying around!