DIY No Sew Apron

Baking is my favorite hobby, but I love occasionally experimenting with DIY and craft projects. If I can find one that is kitchen related, that's even better! You may recall my Cutting Board Phone/Tablet Holder, or my DIY ceramic coasters. This time, I decided to be a little more adventurous and try my hand at making an apron.

Just over a year ago, my husband and I went to NYC for our honeymoon. It was my fourth time in the city, but my husband's first time. We did some traditional tours and sight-seeing, but also branched out on our own some. One of my favorite stops was going to Mood, the fabric store the competitors shop at on Project Runway. We walked around the store trying to fit in with the fashion students and other locals shopping there. Pretty sure we weren't fooling anyone, though, especially when I started taking some pics... But, while I was there I bought some cute black and white polka dot material. I had never done anything with it, so this was a perfect use for it.

Now let me say this, I really can't sew. I enjoy watching Project Runway, but that's the extent of my sewing experience. I've don't own a sewing machine, and it's just something I've never really tried to do. I can sew a button, and do some basic work, but nothing very complicated. I didn't have a pattern, or anything, but I decided to try a no sew apron idea I found online on Love To Know Crafts. The idea was for a child's apron, but I modified it for an adult apron. It was easy to make and required no special skills or tools, other than no sew fabric adhesive.

DIY No Sew Apron tools:
  • Material
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • No sew iron-on adhesive
  • Iron
  • Small button
  • Glue gun
DIY No Sew Apron directions:

  • Cut the material down to a rectangular shape, based on the size you would want

  • Attach ribbon to two long edges and one small edge using no sew iron on adhesive; iron with damp towel between ribbon and iron

  • Fold down the corners of the apron, I did it about 4-5 inches; attach with no sew adhesive leaving about an inch from the sides and top. I held the fabric up against me and experimented to figure out how far down to fold in the corners.

  • Feed a long piece of ribbon through the holes

  • Attach any additional details with no sew adhesive or fabric glue (I made a fabric flower - see instructions below)

  • When you put the apron on, put your head through the loop of ribbon at the top, the rest of the ribbon will hang down to the sides. Cross the ribbon behind you, and wrap around to front and tie a bow!

You can decorate the apron with any detail you'd like, but I love these quick and easy fabric flowers! Here's the directions, all you need is two sets of material and a glue gun.

Fabric Flower directions:
  • Cut out six circles of one material, each around 3 inches in diameter

  • Cut out six circles of around 2.5" diameter of another material
  • Fold one of the circles in half
  • Bring one side in to the middle in front, and the other side to the back (makes a two cone shape)

  • Put a tiny dab of glue at the two folds to keep the cone shape

  • Repeat the process for all 12 circles
  • Cut out another 3" circle of the first pattern material
  • Glue the six petals to the circle

  • Glue the six smaller petals on top of the larger petals

  • Finish by gluing a button into the center of the flower

Hope you enjoyed these simple apron and flower fabric tutorials! Make sure and check out my other posts form the week, including my peppermint serving plate and my Lofthouse cookie copycat recipe. Next week I'll have an apple pie perfect for your favorite Disney fan!

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