Pies for Pi Day

Pie week is almost over! I hope you've enjoyed reading about pie and Pi. Tomorrow is Pi day and I will be sharing a brand new recipe I made to celebrate the day - Reese's inspired peanut butter pie! Let's recap all the pie treats from the week. I've shared apple pie recipes, nerdy Pi treats, and mini chicken pot pies.

Today I'm sharing a round-up of some of my favorite pie recipes.

Key Lime Pie

The first of my favorite pie recipes is a key lime pie that's the perfect blend of tart and sweet! I used a ready-made crust, and topped it with a delicious key lime filling with a dollop of whipped cream on top. This pie may be simple, but the lime juice and zest packs a punch of flavor! You can find the recipe here.

Kentucky Derby Pie cupcakes

I grew up in KY, and though I never went to the derby, I've had plenty of Derby pies. Whether you call it Derby, Kentucky, "Day in May", or simply chocolate pecan pie - it's delicious! This cupcake recipe is inspired by the pie. The cake is butter pecan with chocolate chips and it's topped with chocolate pecan pie filling and whipped topping. I even decorated the cupcakes with a mini horseshoe and rose!

Simple Pudding Pie with Cookie Crust

This pie was a quick and easy dessert I made to watch the Superbowl. The crust is made from Snickerdoodle cookies, it was inspired by my Snickerdoodle cookie cups with pumpkin cream cheese. The cookie crust is filled with a simple pie filling made from pudding. I used butterscotch pudding and finished it off with whipped topping. There's so many great pudding/cookie combinations to try!

Funny Cake Pie

I used to be involved in a group that did a surprise recipe swap each month. I loved getting matched up with a blogger and learning about their blog and recipes. One month, I tried this Funny cake recipe, it's a PA Dutch dessert. The treat is a hybrid of cake and pie. The batter is a combination of chocolate and cake mix baked in a pie crust. Delicious!! You can get the recipe here.

Caramel Banana Pie

I shared this pie earlier this week as I decorated it for Pi Day. But, today I'm focusing on the delicious flavor! The pie is a caramel banana pie - one of my favorite flavor combos! Check out the recipe here.

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