Pi Day Snacks

If you are stopping by for the first time this week, I am celebrating the upcoming Pi Day with a week long pie party! So far, I've shared my favorite apple pie recipes. Check back tomorrow as I share a savory pie - mini (and delicious) chicken pot pies.

I've always been quite the nerd, and I love celebrating Pi Day. Pi is an interesting number, so far trillions of digits have been discovered without any repetition! Lots of people are a bit crazy about pi. There's songs, digit memorization contests, and even a cool site where you can find your birthday (or any special date) in the digits of pi. Ok...yes I'm a dork. But if you are like me, then you are gonna love today's treats.

Today is the nerdiest day of my week long party. The treats I'm sharing are all decorated with math and pi, perfect for your favorite nerd. If nerdy isn't your thing, don't forget to check back later this week when I dial back on the geeky and share some new recipes.

Here are five definitely nerdy snacks for you to celebrate Pi Day with:

These graphing calculator snacks are graham crackers covered in milk/white chocolate and topped with mini M&M's. These are my FIRST project I ever made on the blog! You can get the tutorial here. I made this for Engineer's Week, but these snacks would be great for your favorite math lover for Pi Day. 

2. Pi Day Pie filled with...pi! You have to check out this AMAZING pie from A Periodic Table. The pie is filled with apple slices cut out in shape of the digits of pi. How creative is that?!?

3. Pi Themed Cake

I made this cake for my brother-in-law's birthday (he's a calculus teacher), but it would also be perfect for Pi Day! You can read all about the cake here. And yes...that graphing calculator is made from fondant. I spent hours on it, but it was fun to make!!

4. Pi Shaped Pie - This pie, shared on Instructables.com, is not only the shape of pi, but it also has its digits engraved in the lattice crust. You have to check out the pie, it looks delicious and nerdy!

5. Simple Pi Pie

Another one of my treats is this pi pie I made last year. I made a caramel banana pie and topped the whipped cream with banana slices in the shape of pi - of course!

Hope you enjoyed these nerdy treats. Check back tomorrow for a tasty new recipe I can't wait to share. Follow my blog to keep up with all my latest projects. If you tweet out any of my Pi Day ideas, make sure and use hashtag #piday and check out everyone else's ideas!

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