Repurposing Containers with Chalkboard Paint

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I tend to focus on recipes and cake decorating tutorials. Every once in a while, though, I catch the crafting bug. I started a project last week and discovered a new obsession - chalkboard paint! I realize I'm a bit behind of the trend, but I'm loving it. It's a bit addicting, though... I was literally walking around looking for ideas for new chalkboard paint projects. My husband was convinced he'd come home one day to find everything covered with the paint!

I have a few projects I've started working on, but I'm sharing my first completed project. Obviously with a blog all about sweet treats, I do a lot of baking. Between testing out new recipes and making cakes for others, I fly through baking ingredients. I previously shared some projects for repurposing cocoa containers. Today, though, I'm sharing how I repurposed one (of many) sugar containers I've had laying around.

You know you bake a lot when you are constantly buying tubs of sugar! I hate to get rid of these containers, though. The tubs are sturdy and the perfect size for storing various shaped/sized items. I decided to reuse these with an idea I found online where someone repurposed similar shaped coffee containers.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the key features from the idea I saw - bright paint colors and chalkboard labels. I finished the project by leaving the lid white, but dressing it up with some washi tape to bring it all together!

This project was so easy to make, here's how I did it:
  • Clean sugar container
  • Cover the sugar container with 2-3 coats of acrylic paint of your choice
  • Paint a label with the chalkboard paint using a stencil (or drawing on shape first with pencil)
  • Let it dry for 1-2 hours
  • Apply another layer of chalkboard paint and let set for 24 hours
  • Add some washi tape to the lid

You should expect to see a few different projects chalkboard paint projects in the near future - I'm a bit obsessed. Make sure and follow my blog to keep up with the latest projects. In the mean time, though, check back for a special week-long party next week all about pie! Next Friday is Pi day, so I'll be celebrating some yummy pie all week.

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