Game Day Snacks

The Super Bowl is this weekend! Who are you cheering for? I'm not a big sports fan, but I enjoy watching the commercials and (sometimes) the half time show. My other favorite aspect of the Super Bowl? The food! Last year we watched the big game with some friends and had plenty of tasty snacks. Is it bad that I remember the food more than the commercials, or even who won? Here's what I brought to our party:

You can check out my instructions, and the cupcake recipe I used here.

We haven't decided what we are going to do this year, but I sure hope we enjoy some tasty snacks again. I'm just excited we are supposed to have above freezing weather, and no snow (hopefully). This winter has been crazy!!

If you are still deciding what to take to your party, or make for you family. Then make sure and check out my ideas below. I'm sharing a round-up of some tasty treats for the big game.

Savory Dishes:

Buffalo chicken wings go perfectly with game night, but why not try a different twist on the popular chicken dish? This sweet and spicy sauce is an amazing sauce for chicken...literally. It's a copycat recipe of Winger's Awesome Sauce.

Potato chips are another common choice at Super Bowl parties. For smaller get togethers, why not make these delicious potato flanks?! They are spicy and perfect for snacking.

Probably the next most common dish at Super Bowl parties? Salsa and chips! You could of course buy some salsa at your local grocery, but why not make your own?! This salsa is spicy and tastes so fresh! I like that I know everything in it, plus you can customize it to fit your taste buds.

The final savory dish is one of my more recent recipes. This recipe screams game night - burger sliders, spicy whiskey BBQ sauce, and jalapeno peppers. Delicious!

Sweet Dishes:

If you want to make a quick and easy dessert for the big game, then look no further than these Andes Mint brownies. They couldn't be easier! You can even use box mix brownies if you'd like. Just bake brownies and then top with Andes mints when they come out of the oven. They melt and make a delicious minty topping for the chocolate treat.

The next dessert might not look like much, but this candy trifle is PACKED with flavors. This was one of the first recipes I came up with on my own. It's based on the delicious Take5 candy bar. If you are unfamiliar with the candy bar, it's named for the 5 spectacular ingredients it contains - chocolate, peanut, peanut butter, caramel, and pretzel. Really, what more could you want? The trifle is filled with layers of chocolate pudding, peanut butter whipped cream (so easy to make), and gooey caramel. The whole thing is topped with chopped pretzels and peanuts. YUM!! This treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

These cookies take the chocolate chip cookie to the next level. Instead of being packed with chocolate chips, these cookies are packed with chopped up Andes mints! (If you can't tell by my recipes, my husband's a bit of an Andes Mint fanatic...) If you aren't a huge mint fan, you could replaced with other types of candy chopped up - Reese's, Mounds, Hershey's Cookies and Creme, etc.

Ok, I get it isn't fall, but this snack is too great to pass up. This snack takes caramel apples and kicks it up a notch. Not only is it easier to eat (and great for sharing), it also allows you to add whatever your stomach desires. Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, Nutella...the combinations are endless! This would be great to take to a party and share with friends.

Hope you enjoy the Superbowl and these tasty treats!

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