Bear-y Cute Treats for Chinese New Year!

This Friday is Chinese New Year, so I'm sharing some adorable edible Panda treats. Did you know that in China, the panda bear is a symbol of peace and friendship? In recent years, it has begun replacing the dragon as the symbol for China. I think these bear-y cute (sorry I had to) treats would be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday!

I've had a special reason for making Chinese themed treats - my nephew! Jaxson was adopted from China in Spring 2012. He is such a blessing to our family. My first treat I have to share was something I made for him and our family members when we went to the airport to meet him for the first time. My husband and I made these panda and dragon treats and placed them in little Chinese take-out boxes.

Candy Panda and Dragon Treats

The pandas are made from Oreos dipped in white chocolate. You then pipe on some black icing around the eyes, as well as the nose and mouth. Before the icing dries, stick on white candies and add black dots to finish the eyes (you can also use Wilton candy eyes). To finish the pandas, cut a Junior Mint in half, and add them for the ears.

The dragon is actually just a small Rice Krispie covered in red Fruit Roll-ups. Then take red jelly beans, cut in half, to serve as the nose and horns. I then added white candies with black dots to serve as the eyes. Get the full directions here.

Next up, are some cupcakes I made for an adoption celebration in honor of my nephew!

These cupcakes are pretty simple to make, but are adorable when finished! I just covered regular cupcakes with white icing, added mini Oreos for the ears, and piped on the rest of the details! You can get the full instructions here, along with a mini version!

Lastly, I have a third panda treat that I've never shared on the blog before! These cupcakes were one of my very first cupcakes I decorated, it was a ways before I even started my blog. These may be a tad bit rough (I was just learning how to pipe and was using a ziploc with a hole cut in it). But, these cupcakes are still cute! The pandas are one of the many adorable cupcake ideas from the Hello Cupcake books.

Oreo Panda Cupcakes

Here's how I made these:
  • Bake equal number of regular and mini cupcakes
  • Cover the small cupcake in white icing and set to the side
  • Ice the regular cupcake in chocolate icing and cover with smashed up Oreo crumbs
  • Place a tooth pick in the back section of the top of the regular cupcake and place the small cupcake down on it. You want the white icing to be facing you when you place it on the toothpick.
  • Using chocolate icing, pipe eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Place Oreo cereal on for ears (chocolate Cheerios)
Hope you enjoyed these panda themed treats!

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