Caramel Apple Snack

I don't know about you, but I LOVE caramel apples! What's not to love - deliciously sweet caramel sauce and tasty, fresh apples? Yum! This time of year they seem to be everywhere. My only complaint? They get kind of messy to eat. Completely worth it, but a little messy. My husband won't ever eat one because he gets caramel all in his beard. Well, if you've ever passed over a caramel apple because of it being messy, then you won't want to miss today's treat! 

One of my co-workers brought in a version of the amazing treat I'm sharing today. It was so simple, yet such a brilliant idea. The idea, found on Pinterest, is to cut up apples into thin slices and then drizzle with delicious caramel. She then topped it off with mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, and mini peanut butter chips. The dish was up at the front of the office, I may have made a few trips back and forth to keep snacking! It's great because the apple acts as a scoop and the mini toppings stick to the caramel. There was little to no mess with this snack!

There are a couple great things about this treat. First of all it is SO easy and great for sharing. With Halloween parties and fall themed get-togethers, this snack would be easy to make for a large crowd. You just need to cut more apples and have a larger platter.

Secondly, the treat is so great because you can easily customize it to your favorite flavors. Top it with whatever items you like best on your caramel apples - sprinkles, crushed up candy bars, chocolate chips, nuts, and more! I found a container of tiny marshmallows (like the size of ones in hot chocolate packets). They were a perfect touch to the treat. Add whatever suits your taste buds! You can also use a thick caramel, or a thin caramel ice cream sauce. We made it the other night when all we had was thinner sauce, but it still tasted great!

Lastly, this snack is great because it feels like you are eating more than you are. I used a small "lunchbox" sized apple, and split it with my husband. Whenever I eat a caramel apple, I always finish it by myself. Somehow having so many slices made it seem like I was eating a lot more - so I didn't indulge as much.

Caramel Apple Snack ingredients:
  • Apples
  • Caramel (or caramel sauce)
  • Toppings - tiny marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, crushed up candy bars, sprinkles, nuts, etc

Caramel Apple Snack directions:
  • Wash apple
  • Slice up apple into very thin slices
  • Arrange on plate or platter

  •  Top with a thick caramel, or a thinner caramel sauce

  • Get creative and top the apples off with your favorite miniature sized treats 

  • Share and enjoy!!

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