Lovely Ladybugs #1

Today I'm kicking off part one of a cake decorating series all about ladybugs! Last week I worked on a smash cake and cupcakes for a little girl's first birthday. I made a smash cake for her birthday, and then cupcakes for her party. You may recall this is my fourth first birthday party I have worked on this year, I really love making the smash cakes and party treats! Earlier this year I made cakes for a garden themed party, an elephant party, and a sea turtle party. The ladybug theme has been my favorite to work on, though. It was such a great end of the summer theme!

For part one, I am going to focus on the cupcakes I made for the party. Half of the cupcakes for the guests were topped with a ladybug fondant topper. The other half of the cupcakes were piped with red icing with chocolate chip "spots." To finish out the cupcakes, I made a special one just for the birthday girl! Her cupcake was covered with buttercream piped to resemble a ladybug.

I made the ladybug fondant toppers about a week before the party. They were easy to make, and looked really cute on the cupcakes! Here's the steps I used to create them.

Ladybug Fondant Toppers:
  • Roll out red fondant to around 1/16 in
  • Cut out circles using around an 1 1/2 in diameter cookie cutter (one for each topper)
  • Roll black fondant out to the same thickness
  • Using the same cookie cutter, cut out black circles (one for each topper)
  • Using a metal spatula, cut out a wedge of the red circles
  • Attach the red portion to the top of the black circle using gum glue (fondant or gum paste dissolved in water)
  • Create a wide oval-like shape for the face of the ladybug using the cookie cutter
  • Attach the black oval to the edge of the topper
  • Roll out black fondant paper thin
  • Punch out the spots using the end of the Wilton #21 tip - four per topper
  • Attach the spots using gum glue
  • Create small white fondant circles for the eyes
  • Attach the white circles on the black oval 
  • Finish off the eyes by drawing black dots in the center of the white circles
  • Here's the finished product

I decorated 12 cupcakes with the fondant toppers. Another dozen cupcakes were decorated with red icing piped with the 2D tip. To create the lady bug look, I added "spots" using chocolate chips. Here's a pic of the chocolate chip cupcakes.

Finally I made a special cupcake, just for the birthday girl to enjoy! I made her a smash cake for her actual birthday (I'll be sharing that next week). But, for the party I just made a cupcake. I used red and black buttercream to pipe a cute little ladybug on the top of the cupcake!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I had a blast making them. Come back next Monday to check out the smash cake!  Make sure and follow me on Facebook/Twitter (or follow my blog) to keep up with my latest posts. This week I hope to be sharing a new Something Savory recipe, as well as another entry in my I Dream of Ice Cream series.

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