Sweets for Your Sweetie

This Friday is Valentine's Day! Do you and your loved ones have any special tradition for the day? My husband and I go out to eat somewhere each year, and he usually gets me my absolute favorite treat - white chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!! This year we are actually going to be heading back home for my niece's birthday party the next day, so we will probably just celebrate the following weekend.

I've been getting in the Valentine's Day spirit, though, with some projects I've been working on. All the adorable holiday crafts and delicious recipes I've been finding from other bloggers has been so inspiring. I decided it would be fun to share a week long party full of ideas I've worked on, along with creative ideas I've found online. Here's my schedule for the party this week, make sure and check back each day for new ideas:

I'm particularly excited about the next couple days, I've tried out some new recipes that I can't wait to share! Today, though, I have a round-up of some yummy treats sure to make your Valentine smile. Besides roses, what is one of the first things that comes to mind for Valentine's Day? Chocolate!! Whether you are spending Valentine's Day with friends, someone special, family, or alone, chocolate is always a great way to celebrate the day!

I've created a round-up of my 10 favorite chocolate treats I have experimented with over the past couple years. There's everything from decadent cupcakes to super simple brownies; there's sure to be something for the chocolate lover in your life. Click on the links to find their original post and get the recipes.

  1. Chocolate chip cannoli cupcakes - vanilla cupcakes with delicious chocolate chip cannoli cream filling and whipped topping
  2. Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip cookies - Red Velvet cake mix cookies with white chocolate chips
  3. Andes Mint chip cookies - cookies  filled with chopped up Andes Mints
  4. Mocha and Coffee Cream cupcakes - mocha cupcakes with coffee cream buttercream
  5. Chocolate Pecan Pie cupcakes - butter pecan chocolate chip cupcakes with pecan pie filling and whipped topping
  6. Andes Mint brownies - super simple brownies with Andes Mints melted on top
  7. Take5 trifle - trifle with the flavors of Take5 candy bar - chocolate pudding, peanut butter whipped topping, caramel sauce, and crushed peanuts/pretzels
  8. Andes Mint cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with mint filling and Andes mint buttercream
  9. Mocha brownies - brownies topped with a mocha icing
  10. Chocolate cupcakes - my absolute favorite chocolate cake recipe

I'm getting hungry just thinking about those treats. The desserts are simple to make, and sure to please your loved ones. Make sure and check back tomorrow as I share a delicious (and adorable) scone that is perfect for Valentine's Day!

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