Art Party: Part Two

Last weekend we celebrated my niece's sixth birthday! She is quite the budding artist, so my sister planned for an art themed party. It was such a fun theme, and perfect for Alexis! We actually put together two different parties over the weekend. One was for her friends, and one was for family. Earlier this week, I shared the art supply birthday cake I made for Alexis for her family party. Today, I'm sharing the treats I made for her friend party.

For Alexis' friends, my sister planned an awesome party at a local art studio. The girls were given an art lesson and painted tote bags. They had a blast! Here's a few pics from the party:

I wanted to make a treat for them to eat at the party, as well as some snacks to take home. My sister found cute art palettes that could be used to hold sprinkles with room for the cupcake in the center. The girls had a blast getting to design and decorate their own cupcakes. It was the easiest treat for me to make, I just baked cupcakes and covered it in buttercream icing. I used my favorite chocolate and vanilla recipes for the cupcakes.

Next, we wanted to make some treats for the girls to take home in a goodie bag. I had the idea to make some crayon shaped sugar cookies. I found a good deal on a crayon cookie cutter online, and used some black cookie icing from a local hobby store. I was going to make my own, but I decided it would be hard to get the true black color using gels or food coloring.

Here's how I made them:
  • Prepare cookie dough (here's my go-to recipe)
  • Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate 30 mins
  • Separate dough into equal sized balls and knead in food coloring 
  • Wrap back up in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 mins
  • Roll out to 1/4 in and cut out cookie shape
  • Bake per recipe
  • Let cool completely
  • Pipe on black lines and oval in the center

My sister also made an art shaped snack for the kids - Rice Krispie treat paint brushes! She stuck a popsicle stick in a Rice Krispie treat and dipped it in melted colored candy melts. They were adorable! We wrapped both treats up and had them out on display. The girls were excited to get their treats to take home at the end of the party.

Alexis' party was a blast! Hope these Art Party posts gave you some ideas for the art enthusiast in your life!

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