DIY Treat Bags for Mother's Day

One of my favorite things about baking is being able to share my creations with others. I love seeing someone smile over a custom cake made just for them, or someone enjoying a tasty cupcake! I've recently been trying to find ways to share my hobby and creations with others that need a smile or encouragement. To me, helping finding ways to use my hobbies and abilities to help others is very important. You may recall me talking about Icing Smiles a while back. It is a great organization that creates custom birthday cakes for kids, or siblings of kids, that have a life threatening illness. I feel honored to be a part of the group of volunteer bakers. I haven't had an assignment yet, but I look forward to being able to help out a family in need.

Today's post is about something I created to help out another group of people. I've been looking for volunteer opportunities, and found the local Hospice organization was looking for all sorts of help - including bakers to make treats for the patients and family. You can read more about Hospice here. They are a caring organization and provided great care for my grandmother during the last few weeks of her life. I thought that baking for these patients, and their families, might provide encouragement and a happy moment during such a difficult time.

My first task as a volunteer was to create some cookies for Mother's Day. There are 22 patients in the area that are mothers, and the volunteer coordinator thought they would love this. I decided to make my red velvet white chocolate chip cookies. These are easy to make and look festive! I dressed up an ordinary resealable bag with some cute decor perfect for Mother's Day. These bags are easy to create, and make such a statement! I'm even giving away a sheet of my "Happy Mother's Day" printables. You can find the file here. Feel free to print out and use on a project for Mother's Day, or any other holiday. There's 12 to a page, and you can easily change the blocks to say whatever you would like.

These bags would be a cute way for a child (or adult) to give a homemade treat to their mother for Mother's Day!

Here's all you need to make the bags:

  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Small Scrapbook pages
  • Double sided tape or sticky mounting squares
  • Resealable bags
Here are the steps I used to create them:
  • Fold a square piece of small scrapbook paper in half, getting a nice crease
  • Stick double sided tape, or two mounting squares on the inside of the paper and attach to the bag (make sure to do only ONE side until you fill the bag with cookies/candy)
  •  Print out sheet of "Happy Mother's Day" logos for the bags
  • Cut out the logos and stick it on the front of the scrapbook paper using tape/mounting squares
  • Create a bow using your favorite ribbon (most of my pages had pastel and pink colors, so I used a light pink)
  • Stick the bow onto front of bag using mounting squares or double sided tape
  • Fill baggies with freshly baked and cooled cookies, candy, or whatever treat you would like
  • Stick tape (or mounting squares) on the other side of the bag and seal it close

Here's a few of my favorite bags in the set. The volunteer coordinator I gave them to was so excited about them! I hope they bring a smile and brighten someone's day, even just a little.

Thanks for checking these out, they would be perfect for any special occasion, especially Mother's Day! Check back Friday for a delicious round-up of some of my favorite cupcakes recipes. Also don't forget to come back Tuesday for my first installment of my new link party, Sweet Tooth Tuesdays. You can link up anything you created, not just sweet treats. Follow my blog, or follow me on social media for updates!

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