Butterfly Cupcakes

It's Monday which means another tutorial for cake decorating. As you may remember, several weeks ago I had four different treats that I worked on. Among them were my sea turtle smash cake, piano themed birthday cake, Oscar the Grouch cupcake toppers, and these butterfly toppers. These toppers were for a baby shower for a friend of my sisters. The nursery theme is butterflies, so that was the theme of the shower as well.

When my sister asked about me making a few cupcakes for the shower, she mentioned the butterfly theme and I started trying to come up with some ideas. I decided to try and make 3D butterfly toppers with a swirl of light purple and blue. The first butterfly I made (shown in the pics in the steps below) was a little darker than I wanted, so I made some lighter ones. These butterfly toppers were a hit and complimented the other decorations as well. They are really easy to make!

Here's the steps I used:
  • Start by dyeing some fondant two different colors you would like to have swirled together (I went with teal and purple)
  • Mix the two balls of fondant together some, but not completely so you can see swirls of both colors
  • Roll out to 1/8 inch
  • Print out a butterfly shape you are wanting
  • Use an Exacto knife to cut out the butterfly shape
  • Roll out a small amount of brown fondant to a snake like shape
  • Attach the brown piece to the butterfly by brushing on gum glue (pieces of fondant or gum paste dissolved in water)
  • To get that arch in the butterfly wings (making them more 3D), dry the butterfly with the wings resting upon a small circular shape lid. I turned my food gel containers upside down and lightly pressed the wings against the curved shape
  • Let the butterflies dry 12-24 hours
Here's the display of the lighter butterflies I made. I baked 6 cupcakes in light green polka dot wrappers (there were other light green decorations), and then placed the butterflies on top!

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