Ideas for Thanksgiving: 5 Desserts for Your Dinner

Hope you are enjoying this week's Thanksgiving party. So far I've shared a turkey themed veggie tray, Pilgrim/Native American cupcakes for kids, a Thanksgiving themed cake, and hosted a link party for you to share your ideas. The link party is still going live, so make sure and link up your Thanksgiving ideas, let's all share some fun recipes and crafts!

Today I have a round-up of some delicious desserts you will want to include at your holiday dinner. There's lot of choices including cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and more! Each dessert is perfect to share with your friends and family for your holiday meals. These are all recipes I have shared in the past, but wanted to share specifically for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies -

What goes better with Thanksgiving dinner than a pumpkin dessert? Pumpkin pie is always great, but there's other desserts that pair well with pumpkin. This Fall twist on a classic cookie is perfect for your cookie fans. The pumpkin flavor isn't overwhelming, but that along with the nutmeg/cloves/cinnamon help create a spiced version of the cookie. It's delicious and easy to make!

Apple Dumplings

Apple dumplings are a staple at my family's Thanksgiving. Every year my aunt makes delicious apple dumplings that I look forward to for months. On a recent episode of Trisha Yearwood, I saw her make dumplings that looked exactly like the ones my aunt always makes. I decided to try them out, and it has to be the same (or at least very close) to the actual recipe. My husband and I were thrilled and had the hardest time not pigging out on these. You really need to try this recipe out, it is AMAZING!

I recently made this amazing dessert for my and my husband's co-workers, they were a big hit! I loved them so much that I'm making them for my husband and my family get-togethers. These snickerdoodle cookies are pressed into muffin tins to make cookie cups. The delicious cinnamon cups are filled with rich and delicious pumpkin cream cheese icing. They are packed with flavor, but small enough to keep you guilt-free. That is unless you eat a bunch of them...

I made these cupcakes over a year ago for a church potluck, they were a big hit. The cupcakes have apple butter baked in the cupcake. The warm delicious flavors pair perfectly with the spiced-filled cinnamon buttercream. These cupcakes would be a perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving meal.

Next up is another apple themed dessert. Caramel apples are a bit more popular at Halloween, but they are always a hit in the Fall! The only problem with caramel apples is they are hard to eat...and a bit messy. This next treat solves the issue of being hard to eat. It's also easy to customize for your tastes and preferences.

What is it about Thanksgiving meal that makes you sleepy? I remember as a kid we would all eat lunch and then lay around and be lazy all day. We were usually at my Grandma's and stayed there, so we really didn't have to do anything until we got up and fixed some leftovers for dinner. Things have changed, though, and our Thanksgiving is a bit more hectic now. 

My husband and I are lucky that are families live close, but that means we squeeze in two Thanksgiving meals all in one day. We barely have time to let our food settle from lunch before it is time to rush off to meal #2. No time for getting sleepy! If you have family members who have a hectic day, why not feed them something to wake them up a little? What better to do that than with some coffee? These coffee infused brownies are sure to make your guests happy, and give them a bit of a pick-me-up.

Check back tomorrow for five more recipes that are perfect for your Thanksgiving meal!

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