Ideas for Thanksgiving: Veggie Tray Turkey

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving a little early here at Sarah Lynn's Sweets! All week I will be sharing ideas to help make your Thanksgiving extra sweet and special. Check back each day for a new idea. First up, today, is an adorable Thanksgiving appetizer with a bit of a backstory.

Two years ago I had an important life change occur...I joined Pinterest. Okay, don't laugh too much. Joining Pinterest may not sound very important, but it did have a major impact on my life. Two years ago I was definitely not the same person that is working on this blog. My idea of baking was to take cookie dough out of a package and place onto a cookie sheet. My idea of cooking was actually using the stovetop instead of just fixing dinner in the microwave. But, two years ago I was engaged and decided to join Pinterest to get wedding ideas.

In between looking at invitations and dresses, I started noticing some of the tasty treats out there. I was especially drawn to some of the cute and creative edible cupcake creations. I kind of just stumbled onto my love for cake decorating by trying different cupcake ideas I found online. My very first creation, though, was a special veggie tray shaped like a turkey. It might sound silly, but I got so excited making this treat to share with our families that I kind of caught the creative food bug! After that I tried some Christmas and New Year's Eve cupcakes and it kind of got the ball rolling.

I never ended up posting about this veggie tray, so I'm excited to share it today!

Isn't the tray adorable? I loved this idea and it was a big hit with our families that Thanksgiving! This platter is SO easy to make and is sure to be a hit at your dinner. There are a lot of different tray ideas out there, each is unique to the creator's own food preferences. But this one is easy and has food that most people will enjoy for an appetizer! 

Veggie Tray Turkey Platter ingredients:
  • 15-20 Townhouse crackers
  • 2 mini pretzel twists
  • Small tomatoes
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 small cucumber
  • 2 raisins
  • 20-25 baby carrots
  • assortment of cheese slices
Veggie Tray Turkey Platter instructions
  • Cut cheese slices into thin strips to serve as feathers
  • Slice up red peppers and cut off a small piece to serve as the wattle
  • Cut a cucumber in half
  • Arrange a pile of crackers near bottom of tray
  • Surround the crackers by tomatoes
  • Arrange the carrots and slices of red pepper around the tomatoes (I didn't use red pepper slices in mine as I knew the people eating them wouldn't eat the peppers)
  • Finish off the body by placing cheese slices around the carrots/peppers to serve as the feathers
  • Place two raisins on the cucumber as eyes (put this on at the last minute unless you want to use a dip to "glue" them in place
  • Cut the end off a baby carrot to serve as the beak
  • Finish off the face with a chunk of red pepper to serve as the wattle next to the beak
Enjoy! Don't forget to check back next week for a round-up of other Thanksgiving-worthy treats!

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