My Apple Favorites

I hope you are enjoying this week's apple theme! I have had a blast thinking up ideas for the party, as well as testing out recipes. So many delicious dishes! So far I've shared a round-up of ideas, an Easy Apple Tart and Apple Dumplings. You can also still post YOUR apple ideas on this week's Sweet Tooth Tuesday link party! Here's my schedule for the week, we still have a couple days left.

Today I'm focusing on some of my apple favorites. I love apples so it was hard to narrow it down, but I have come up with 7 of my absolute favorites. I've got a breakfast item, drink, vacation spot, and more! I'd also love to hear what YOUR apple favorites are.

Favorite Breakfast: Cracker Barrel's French Toast (or pancakes) with Apples

If you haven't tried the apple pancakes or french toast at Cracker Barrel, you need too! I love many dishes at Cracker Barrel, but these have to be my favorite. These dishes are topped with cooked apples and a delicious apple sauce. I usually even get it without the whipped cream, the sauce is perfectly sweet and flavorful!

Favorite Dessert: Cracker Barrel's Apple Dumplin'

Ok, yes I have another Cracker Barrel entry. I love that restaurant, it reminds me of home! This dessert is decadent - delicious apples, cinnamon, and a crunchy pecan streusel. It's served with ice cream and a delicious apple sauce. The only downside about the dessert is that the portion is humongous! I've tried splitting it with my husband and we still didn't finish it! I don't often get the dessert, so it is such a treat when I do!
Favorite Drink: Starbucks Caramel apple cider

I shared my crock pot copycat recipe earlier this week. This caramel apple cider is warm, delicious, and perfectly sweet!
Favorite Activity: Picking apples at an orchard
One of my favorite fall outings my husband and I enjoy is going to an orchard to pick apples. It's a relaxing way to spend the afternoon and enjoy the crisp fall weather.
Favorite Destination: The Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store
If you ever go to the Smoky Mountains, you have to check out this amazing restaurant and store! The store has anything and everything apples, but my favorite part is the restaurant. Every meal comes with apple cinnamon muffins, apple fritters, apple juleps, and apple butter! I can't even remember what I ate as meal last time I went, I just remember the amazing apple appetizers. Though I do remember the food was just as delicious. 
Favorite Craft: Apple stamping

If you have kids (or even if you don't), you have to try apple stamping. If you haven't tried this, it is so easy and can be used in so many different crafts. It works well on shirts, totes, paper, and many other things. You just cut the apple in half, and then dip it in paint. The apple makes a great stamp.
Favorite Candy: Caramel apples

You can't have fall without a delicious caramel apple! I prefer mine covered in crushed nuts, but they are great in any form. I also even like the caramel apple suckers, they taste so much like the real thing!
What are your apple favorites?? 

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