Sweet Treats at Walt Disney World

I've had an amazing week, my family and I have been vacationing at the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World! Not only is it the happiest place, it's also one of the sweetest places. I decided to create a round-up of some of my favorite treats I've had while here at Disney. Hopefully I can replicate some of the treats when we get home. I decided to post some of the lesser known treats we experienced at the park. The Mickey Mouse ice cream bars and other staples are great as well, but here's a few others.

Cake/Cookie Bars at Hollywood and Vine

These mini treats were a perfect size to hit the spot! The left dessert below is a 7 Layer cookie bar. It was filled with chocolate, pecans, and much more! My favorite, by far, was the red velvet squares. Tasty rich cake topped with a creamy and delicious cream cheese!

This Hollywood Studios restaurant was a buffet style and had a great advantage - reserved seating for an amazing show, Fantasmic! Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for the show...but that's a long story for another day!

Carrot Cake - available lots of places

The best treat I had at Disney World, hands down, is the amazing and delicious carrot cake! These were available at most quick service dining locations, as well as our hotel. I ate...well...let's just say quite a few! 

"Flourless" Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse at Cinderella's Royal Table

By far the most decadent dessert, this  was a treat for your eyes as well as your taste buds! The cake was gooey brownie texture that was super rich and a perfect compliment to a light and refreshing mousse. 

This treat was the finale to my absolute favorite meal at Cinderella's castle. I had Castle salad with pecans, braised pork shank with carrots and potatoes, and of course bread; it was scrumptious!! The neat part about this restaurant (besides the fact you are eating in the castle) was that many of the princesses came by the table to greet my niece and nephew. Sure beat waiting in line to see them!

Main Street popcorn available at many locations

I hadn't tried this treat before, but it was a perfect sweet and salty combination. I'm not usually as big of a fan of kettle corn popcorn, but this was delicious! I enjoyed having a treat that wasn't super sweet, but had a bit of saltiness as well.

Mickey Ice Cream cones at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

When I think of ice cream at Disney, I think of the chocolate covered Mickey ear ice cream on a stick. I would always get that when I was little. But now, I am going to think of this yummy ice cream from Main Street in Magic Kingdom. My niece and nephew wanted to get me some as a belated birthday celebration, so our last night there we had ice cream as we waited for the fireworks. Not only was it delicious, I loved the Disney details making it have Mickey ears. It's great for kids of all ages! (Sorry for the bad pic, was outside and trying to hurry so I could enjoy it!)

Mickey Waffles

Ok, so I know I said I was doing lesser known, but I had to include these! Mickey waffles not only taste sweet and delicious, but are a nostalgic treat for me. Ever since I was little, I have always looked forward to these cute and yummy waffles! You can find these basically anywhere that has breakfast food.

Thanks for checking out my post! Don't forget to check out my other posts from this week. Sorry for a delay in responding to comments this week, I will get to it soon!

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