Super Simple Bottle Cap Toppers

Today's tutorial is a super simple fondant piece for cupcakes. A couple months ago I had an order for bottle cap pieces for a beer tasting 30th birthday party. These would be good for any sort of bottle cap, soda or beer. I tried several different methods for toppers before coming up with this super simple method! All I needed was a clean bottle cap, it's so easy.

The party host put bottle caps on half of the cupcakes, and pretzel twists on the other half. My husband was at the party, and said they were a big hit! Instead of trying to replicate a certain brand label, I decided to replace the drink name, with the birthday guy's name, and having his birth year instead of the established year.

Here's how I made these super simple toppers:

  • Dye fondant the color of the bottle caps (silver, amber, gold, black, etc)
  • Roll out fondant to just a little thicker than the actual bottle caps
  • Clean the bottle cap with soap and warm water and dry
  • Cover the inside of the bottle cap with a thin layer of shortening
  • Indent the bottle cap into the fondant and cut out the shape
  • Pull out the fondant using a tooth pick

  •  Use edible markers to create a label for the bottle caps

I've got some great summer cookies coming up on the blog Wednesday, and another Sweet Tooth Tuesdays blog link party going live tomorrow! Don't forget to check out my posts from when I was on vacation last week, I didn't get to share them as much as usual. I shared some campfire cupcake toppers, a cold oven pound cake recipe, and my round-up of Disney sweet treats.

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