Purses, Candles, and Cupcakes - Oh My!


Today I have some cute cupcakes to show you!  I also have a giveaway going that I'm co-hosting for, you will find it at the end of the post. 

If you follow me on my social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), you may have seen a picture of the cupcakes I made this weekend.  Some of our friends were hosting an Open House highlighting a few different businesses.  It was a great day and we had a quite a few people show up.  We had a photographer, skin care/make-up business, and my cupcakes/cakes all advertising and giving away prizes and samples.  The focus of the Open House, though, was selling Scentsy and Thirty-One.  

Thirty-One is a company made up of bags, totes, purses, and organizational products. If you haven't heard of Scentsy, it is a company selling wickless, flameless candles (warmers and scents), lotions, and a variety of scented products.  One of the company's new ventures is Velata, which sells warmers and products to make delicious cheese and chocolate fondue.  I don't know about you, but I LOVE fondue!  You may notice I have a new sidebar sponsor who happens to sell Velata!  Check out the company and my new sponsor here.

Back to the cupcakes!  Since the focus was Thirty-One and Scentsy, I wanted to incorporate those companies into my cupcakes.  Neither logo was a simple shape or small design.  I thought long and hard about how to incorporate those companies into a cupcake, it was like an episode of Cupcake Wars. 

Scentsy Cupcakes

Scentsy's logo is green and purple and had lots of stars, so I decided to incorporate that into the toppers. These toppers were so easy to make. 
  • Print out the logo and cut out one of the stars the size you want the toppers.
  • Dye white fondant a light green color
  • Roll out fondant to around 1/16 in thick
  • Use an Exacto knife to cut out the stars using the printed template
To finish the Scentsy cupcakes, I of course baked delicious vanilla cupcakes.  I found these cute yellow and pink polka dot wrappers, so I decided to use yellow for these. I topped them with some purple tinted buttercream.

Everything was taking a lot longer than expected, and I was pretty tired when I was making the buttercream.  Funny thing, purple coloring gel looks like brown when you aren't playing real close attention... I was actually able to get the large clump of brown out.  There was definitely still a brown tint to the icing, but thankfully it actually turned out ok.  The brown gave the purple tint a darker shade, and it ended up being pretty close to the right shade!

Thirty-One Cupcakes

Thirty-one was a little harder to incorporate!  Of course, I could have done a "31," but the logo is always shown in written form not numbers.  I decided to go for a simple purse shape.  These are so easy to make!
  • Start with black fondant (or whatever color you want for your purse)
  • Roll out fondant to 1/16 in thick
  • Cut out a trapezoid shape for the base of the purse
  • Roll out a thin rope of black fondant
  • Attach the purse to the handle by just pressing it down onto the handle (if this doesn't work, use a little water)
To finish these off, I decided to use a theme of black and pink.  Thirty-one is all about cute patterns, there are a lot of pink and black combos.  I started with the pink polkadot cupcake liners filled with yummy chocolate cupcakes.  Next, I piped on pink buttercream and topped with the black purse toppers. All icing was piped using the 1M tip.

Since it is finally feeling like Spring here, I decided to finish out my display with my garden themed cupcakes.  Here's some pics of my set-up and display!

Center of my display - cupcakes, business cards, 
and my photobook filled with my cakes and cupcakes!

My cupcake displays!

My signs which told the flavor of each cupcake!

An overall display!

Thanks for checking these out!  I have a couple cakes coming up later this month, not sure if I'll have any sooner.  I do have some new recipes to try out though.  Check back later this week for more delicious treats!

As promised, here is a giveaway hosted by Cattails and Cardigans.  There are several of us co-hosting, and you can find items from each of us. Among the prizes - 5 luxe knotted hair ties from ShopLeah, 250x100 ad space from The Workette, and a 125x125 ad space from me! Check out Cattails and Cardigans for an Amazon card giveaway as well.

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