More S'mores!

Now that we are a week into March, Easter and Spring are just around the corner!  You can't go in the grocery without seeing two things lately - chocolate and marshmallows. Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Peeps marshmallows seem to be everywhere lately. All that chocolate and marshmallows leaves me craving one of my favorite treats - s'mores! Today I'm bringing you two different creative twists on the basic s'more - a mini bite size version and an Easter version. 

First up, are these delicious S'more Bites!

This mini version of the treat is easy to make and delicious to snack on. All you need are mini marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. The hardest thing can be melting the chocolate.  It may sound simple, but sometimes it can cause problems.  The best way to melt the chocolate is to use a double boiler, but the way most people will melt it will be using a microwave. That's how I usually do it and it is so easy to overheat the chocolate.  One second it's almost to the fully melted state, the next second it's overheated. I found a tip online though for helping with this.  On Simply Designing with Ashley, I found a tip to add a small amount of vegetable oil to the chocolate.  Also she mentioned to microwave on 50% power and in 30 sec intervals.

S'more Bite Directions:
  • Smash graham crackers in bowl, first breaking up by hands and then crushing into powder using a glass
  • Melt chocolate in mug or deep bowl
  • Drop mini marshmallows in chocolate and mix around in the chocolate
  • Roll out wax paper on counter
  • Drop mini marshmallows onto wax paper
  • Sprinkle graham crackers on marshmallows
  • Allow it to harden for around an hour
  • Break apart and place in a bowl

Next up is the festive Easter s'more!  It has another twist as well - coconut! These snacks allow your creativity to shine as you get to decorate you mini marshmallow "eggs."  Here's how to do these cute snacks. Just a heads up, your hands will get messy! :)

Easter S'more Directions:
  • Decorate mini marshmallows using edible markers drawing on polka dots, stripes, letters, etc
  • Create a chick marshmallow by coloring a marshmallow with a yellow edible marker and draw on facial features
  • Create a bunny marshmallow by drawing on a bunny face, cut a marshmallow into quarter pieces, and place them on as ears using the sticky side to attach
  • Mix coconut with green food coloring (your hands WILL get messy) in a bowl
  • Lay out wax paper
  • Place down graham cracker squares (I cut the cracker in half) and cover with chocolate
  • Before chocolate hardens, sprinkle on green coconut
  • Place marshmallows on top and enjoy! Smash down large marshmallow when eating.

Hope you enjoyed these creatives spins on s'mores!

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