Last Minute Gift Ideas

It's Christmas Eve! I love this time of year and am so excited to spend time with family this week. Today is my final post in my 12 Sweet Posts of Christmas series! Sniff sniff! Make sure and check out all my holiday ideas here

Let me ask you a question...who still needs to buy a gift today? Anyone? I've been out shopping on Christmas Eve before, trust me there are a lot of people shopping today! Sometimes there's that one person on your list that is so hard to buy for. I had a few of those this year! It's not that they are picky (in my case), it's just hard to get that thoughtful gift they will really enjoy.

If you are in this predicament, I have a few suggestions. These will even save you from getting out in the mess today! So sit back, drink some hot cocoa, and get some gift ideas.

Gift music, movies, or TV shows through iTunes
You can gift a cd, movie, song, or TV show to someone through iTunes. You simply select it as a gift and print out the code it gives you. The recipient will use the code to redeem their gift on their iTunes account. You can also just gift store credit.

Gift a popular app
There are some cool apps out there, but sometimes people tend to just use the free ones. App prices can add up quickly, so I try to usually get free versions of apps. Since these can seem like more of a splurge, why not gift someone an app they will love? I'm not as familiar with the Android App Store, but the Apple one is easy to navigate. You can browse lists of top paid apps by category. My wish list? The full version of the Martha Stewart Craft Studio.

Gift a magazine subscription
Magazines can be another splurge item. They aren't always something people will do for themselves. So why not go online and purchase a magazine subscription that suits your family member/friend's taste? Whether it's Sports Illustrated, Food Network, Vogue, or something else - it's sure to be a hit!

Gift an online membership or subscription
Why not surprise your loved one with a service or subscription online? Some popular choices at varying price levels are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime (free 2 day shipping and online content including movies and tv shows), PicMonkey Royale (for the blogger in your life), subscription to an online newspaper such as NY Times, or Pandora One (no ads, extra skips).

Plan a special outing
The best gift you can give is your time. Why not plan a special outing as a gift? Some ideas include a concert, trip to a museum, spa outing, bowling, movies, day at the zoo, comedy club, or a shopping trip. The outing and memories will be a gift that lasts a long time!

Make something
One of my favorite gifts I gave my husband once was a scrapbook filled with calendar pages. I filled each month up with date ideas. The pages were decorated with details of the ideas I came up with. He loved the gift and it was fun to plan out fun things for us to do together throughout the year.

Hope you got some inspiration to complete your shopping list!


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