Icing Smiles

Today I wanted to take a break from sharing recipes and cake decor to talk about a great non-profit organization, Icing Smiles.  I have just recently learned about them, and love what they are doing to help families going through a hard time.  Icing Smiles is a national non-profit organization that provides custom birthday cakes for children who are critically ill and their siblings.  Their motto is "Baking a Difference," and it is clear they have brightened the day for many families. Reading through the testimonials and seeing the cakes and happy faces, it warms your heart to see what this organization is able to do for families.

I have applied and am on the list for the volunteer bakers in my area.  I cannot wait to be able to help out with a family and share some joy on their child's birthday.  If you are interested in volunteering, or know of a child who deserves a special cake, you can find out more on their website. They also have a need for fundraising to help with their organization.  They have multiple fundraising ideas and help to get an event started.  Spreading the word about the organization is another great way to help out.  You can find them on Facebook or Twitter.  

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