Court Bouillon Fondue Course

I love collecting new kitchen gadgets. Our small kitchen is busting at the seams with all the tools and gadgets we have accumulated over the past couple years. Our latest addition is a fondue pot I received for Christmas. We love The Melting Pot, so I wanted to attempt to replicate the dishes at home. Copycat recipes can be tricky, but we were pleasantly surprised with how the courses turned out! 

We went all at on New Year's Eve and did a three course meal. It required a ton of prep work, and hours to get through the courses, but it was well worth the effort. Next time, though, we will probably stick to one course an evening! 

For our fondue dinner, we prepared our favorite dishes from The Melting Pot: the Fiesta cheese appetizer, Court Bouillon main course, and Bananas Foster white chocolate dessert. Earlier this week, I shared the cheese course - it was probably my favorite of the evening.

After our cheese course, we moved on to the main course. There are several different cooking styles at The Melting Pot, but we usually stick with the complimentary court bouillon style. We made a very similar style broth using a vegetable bouillon substitute. 

I typically get chicken at The Melting Pot, but we went with sirloin from a local butcher shop for our meal. It seemed a bit safer to stick with steak for our first fondue attempt, since it's much easier to tell when the steak is safe to eat. To accompany the meat, we had potatoes and broccoli for the sides. Here is how we prepared the course.

Court Bouillon Fondue ingredients:
  • 8 cups water
  • 4 tsp bouillon substitute (or 4 bouillon cubes)
  • Sirloin
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Red potatoes
  • Broccoli
Court Bouillon Fondue instructions:
  • Trim fat from steak and cut into 1 inch cubes
  • Season both sides of steak with salt and pepper
  • Cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes 
  • Mix together water and bouillon cubes (or bouillon substitute) in fondue pot, or double boiler
  • Heat mixture to 350F
  • Once it begins boiling, turn down the heat to 250F
  • Drop in broccoli and potatoes
  • Cook steak around 4 mins for medium well
  • After around 10 mins, use a slotted spoon to retrieve the potatoes and broccoli
  • Serve with A-1, teriyaki, or your favorite steak sauce

There are much more complex vegetable broth recipes out there, but this one was quick, easy, and still delicious! We will definitely beg making this course again.

Check back soon for our dessert fondue recipe!

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