Cinco de Mayo - Delicious Mexican Dishes

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of the holiday, I am sharing a round-up of four delicious Mexican inspired dishes. My husband and I love Mexican food, and have several dishes we've worked on. These recipes are ones I've shared over the past couple years. What's your favorite Mexican dish? If you have a recipe, leave me a comment!

This recipe was a Mexican inspired version of the stuffed pepper recipe I shared last year. I enjoyed those stuffed peppers so much, that I wanted to create a new version of the recipe. The original pepper dish is filled with Italian flavors, all which I replaced with Mexican seasonings. In the place of marinara sauce, I used salsa. Instead of Italian seasonings, I used taco seasoning. I even replaced the traditional white rice from the stuffed peppers with Mexican flavored rice in this recipe. This recipe is packed with flavor - yum!

This salsa is one of the (many) Pioneer Woman recipes I've tested out for my blog. The salsa is fresh, perfectly spicy, and has a hint of lime flavor. The salsa is easy to make and tastes like its from a restaurant! It would be great as a snack with chips, or would be a delicious way to elevate your Mexican dishes.

This delicious Mexican dessert is a sponge cake that soaks up a sweet mixture of whipping cream, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk. I decided to do a twist on the traditional recipe, though, by making them in a cupcake pan. These mini Tres Leches cakes are sweet, and a great snack size - a perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

My husband and I tend to make tacos pretty often, but try to switch up the menu occasionally. Instead of tacos, we have started making super simple enchiladas! This delicious dish contains tortilla shells, taco seasoned meat, enchilada sauce, Mexican rice, and cheese. You can even prepare parts in advance to make it a quick dinner to pull together during the week.

Hope you enjoy these delicious Mexican recipes and have a tasty Cinco de Mayo! Make sure and leave your favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes in the comments below!!

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