Derby Day Desserts

As you might have noticed from some of my UK basketball themed posts (Blue & White muffins, UK basketball cake, Blue & White cookies), my husband and I are Kentucky born and raised. We no longer live in the Bluegrass State, though, and there are some things we miss. No one around here has an appreciation for "My Old Kentucky Home" or UK basketball! We moved North and no longer can get Zaxby's or sweet tea (check out my peach sweet tea recipe here). There are tons of other things as well including Ale-8-One, Missy's Pies, local spots in our old town of Lexington, and KY Derby pie. 

Now if you are a Kentuckian, horse fan, or sports fan, that last one might have caught your attention. The 140th KY Derby is this coming Saturday! Neither my husband or I have been to the Derby, its on our list of things to do. While the Derby may be known for horses, hats, and Millionaire's Row, there are a couple treats that are also synonymous with the day - KY Derby pie and Mint Juleps.

While I've never had a Mint Julep, I do enjoy Kentucky Derby pie. You may also know it as "That Day in May" pie, Kentucky pie, May Day pie, or even just Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan pie. Whatever you call it, the pie is delicious! It's fitting that both Mint Julep and Kentucky Derby pie feature another Kentucky classic - bourbon. I decided to look around online and found recipes for the classics, along with other Mint Julep and Derby pie inspired desserts!

  • KY Derby Pie cupcakes - These cupcakes are from yours truly, they are butter pecan chocolate chip cupcakes with pecan pie topping and whipped cream! I even topped them with some Derby inspired fondant decor. (My version omits the Bourbon, but you could add that in if you want!)
  • Mint Julep cupcakes - This Baker Chick cupcake recipe is made from batter flavored with mint extract and Bourbon, and topped with a a Bourbon/mint buttercream.
  • Mint Julep sugar cookies - Good Clean Fun's recipe is for a Bourbon infused shortbread cookie, topped with a Bourbon mint icing.
  • Mint Julep Kisses cookies - If Bourbon isn't your thing, check out this simpler Mint Julep cookie recipe that just focuses on the mint flavor of the iconic drink.
  • Mint Julep scones - These scones from Fake Food Free are a bit of a mix of the two iconic Derby desserts, they contain Bourbon, pecans, and mint!
  • KY Derby Pie bars - Another Derby Pie inspired dessert features a shortbread crust with Derby pie filling. The SoHo blog recipe sounds scrumptious!
  • Mint Julep brownies - These brownies from Noble Pig are amped up with bourbon and mint extract. They have a nod to Derby pie as well, since they are served with brown sugar candied pecans!
The Classics
  • KY Derby pie - You can't go wrong with a classic! This Chocolate-Bourbon Pecan pie recipe is from the newest member of the Food Network, Kentucky native Damaris Phillips.
  • Mint Julep - Another Damaris Phillips classic Derby party recipe. I'm pretty sure Damaris, a Louisville native, knows a thing or two about Derby classics! Not a Bourbon drinker? Try this Mocktail version.
Enjoy these dishes and let me know if you try them out for a Derby party!

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