Rainbow Cupcakes

I seem to go through waves for cake/cupcake orders. I'll get quite a few all at once, and then I hit a lull without any orders. It had been a while since I've done a cake (my last one was my niece's art themed cake!). But, I've had two projects in the past week, with a couple more coming soon! One of my favorite parts about the process is brainstorming after getting a theme for the party. Who doesn't love an excuse to browse Pinterest?! My job tends to be more left brain, analytical work, so it's nice to tap into my creative side when planning cakes!

As I mentioned, I've had a couple projects lately. The first order I had was for rainbow cupcake toppers. My boss' daughter turned 3, and I was excited to make cupcakes for their celebration! Unfortunately, I also had my first cupcake transporting issue...someone pulled out in front of me and when I slammed on my brakes a few cupcakes flipped over in the carrier. Thankfully, though, the toppers helped hide the issue and the cupcakes still looked cute. 

When we were talking about the cupcakes, the birthday girl's mom mentioned she liked rainbows. I thought that would make adorable toppers! I used rolled out ropes of colored fondant to create the rainbow, and balls of white fondant for the clouds. The toppers were easy to make, and my boss' daughter loved them. Here's how I made them:

  • Start with colored fondant, or dye fondant red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • Roll out the colored fondant into thin ropes

  • Form the ropes into a rainbow shape and cut the fondant

  • Add a small amount of water in between the ropes of fondant
  • Roll out white fondant into balls for clouds, use a row of 3 and one of two for each side of the rainbow
  • Attach the clouds with a small dab of water
  • Let dry a couple hours

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