Cookie Gift for Christmas

It's been a few days since I've shared a new post for my "12 Sweet Posts of Christmas" series! We had a very busy weekend, but I'm starting to catch up with everything I need to have done. I have more holiday baking, Christmas shopping, and a few more Christmas cards to fill out. I'll also be getting back on track with my Christmas series, I'm excited about new posts I have coming up. I just tested out a cake recipe this past weekend and will be sharing it on the blog soon! 

This week is our Holiday party at work, and we are doing Secret Santa. (If you work with me, you might want to stop reading now...) We are supposed to do a few gifts during the week, and then a final gift at the party. I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies for my Secret Santa and wanted a cute way to package up the cookies. After thinking of some ideas, I'm pretty excited about how the packaging turned out!

I decided to use an idea I had seen before online. I repurposed an old Pringles can for the base of the gift wrap. I prepared the can for the cookies by first washing it out completely. After it finished drying, I wrapped the can in some Christmas paper. I filled the can up with cookies (once they cooled), and then tied the can with some ribbon to finish it up.

We were a bit busy this weekend, so I actually filled the can with some chocolate chip cookies made from store-bought dough (shhhh!). I'm hoping my Secret Santa enjoys the gift! This is an easy way to spread some Holiday cheer and would be a perfect quick gift for friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family! There are tons of cookie ideas out there for the Holidays. Below are brief descriptions, and links, to a few cookies I've previously made and shared on the blog. I have other cookies as well, but I think these three would be great for the Holidays!
  • Andes Mint cookies - traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe replaced with chopped up Andes Mints
  • White Chocolate No Bake cookies - These cookies are a twist on no-bake cookies, replacing cocoa with white chocolate. The white chocolate flavor is a great compliment to the oatmeal and peanut butter.
Thanks for reading, be sure to share on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter! I'd love to hear about what unique items you have used for gift wrap! Make sure and check back for more Holiday themed posts.

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