All Aboard! Train Decorating Series: Part 1

All Aboard! Today I am kicking off a two-part series on train cake decorating. This past weekend was my nephew's birthday party. Jaxson loves trains and my sister came up with a perfect party idea - renting out a car on an actual train! Jaxson and his buddies got to take an 1.5 hour train ride, visit a museum, and got some train goodie bags. It was great watching the boys have fun and get excited about the train ride. Of course I had to get involved and make some sweets for the party!

To make it easier for the train, I decided to make cupcakes for the kids. I made a small cake for Jaxson and his family to enjoy, I'll be sharing that next Monday. For the cupcakes I wanted some cute fondant toppers, I wanted them to match the party decor. My sister sent me a pic of Jaxson's shirt for the party, and I based the train shape of the toppers.

Here's how I made the train toppers:
  • Print out a pic of the train you would like to use

  • Cut out train shape
  • Dye fondant desired color
  • Roll out fondant to around 1/16 in
  • Cut out train using an Exacto knife and printed template

  • Roll out black fondant paper thin
  • Using the large end of a piping tip (or whatever size cutter is appropriate), cut out circles for the wheels

  • Attach the wheels to the train using gum glue (gum paste or fondant pieces dissolved in water)

  • Roll out white fondant into thin ropes and cut to the length between the two wheels, attach with gum glue

  •  Roll out white fondant paper thin
  • Cut out a trapezoid shape for the window (use the template to get the shape/size), attach with gum glue

  •  Let toppers dry and then place on cupcake!

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