Sweet Chevron: A Pinterest Round-Up

Well, we've got just a few more days left of this special week-long tribute to chevron! Hope you've enjoyed the party, I had a blast working on these posts and experimenting with some new types of content to share. Next week, I will be back to my more traditional baking and cake decorating posts. Check back Monday as I will be kicking off a 2 part series all about decorating ladybug cupcakes and cakes!

But for now, let's get back to the chevron series. To recap what we've seen so far in this chevron series:

Sunday - I showed you how to make a chevron cake topper
Monday - I shared my wish list of shopping ideas for chevron clothes and accessories
Tuesday - I made a twist to my traditional Sweet Tooth Tuesday link party and asked for you to share YOUR chevron ideas (it's still going on, so link up)
Wednesday - I taught you how to make a customizable chevron pattern using PicMonkey

Still to come:

Tomorrow: DIY projects to spruce up your home office (really excited about this one!)
Saturday: A final round-up of my favorite chevron DIY projects

So, what am I sharing today? Well, today I have a sweet (and tasty) Pinterest round-up. All of these ideas are delicious-looking treats that have a chevron theme incorporated. Honestly, I wasn't sure how much you could do with chevron and food - there are a lot of creative people out there!

First up, are some adorable chevron cupcake toppers. These elegant toppers would help create a chic and sophisticated cupcake, perfect for a special occasion!

I love the colors and design of this adorable cake, my next feature in the round-up!  The orange fondant chevron details really take this cake to the next level. 

Apparently chevron isn't just limited to fondant work, either. Look at these wonderful chevron cookies, I love these!! The precision of the icing is amazing. The link from Pinterest wasn't for the tutorial and I had to do a bit of link hopping to find it, but I did! If you'd like to see how these cookies were made, the original tutorial can be found here.

My absolute favorite chevron sweet treat has to be this AMAZING chevron cake roll! It seems like it has a lot of steps, but how cute would this be at a party? Plus, it has strawberry filling - yum!! I couldn't include the whole screen shot of the pin (it is super long), but you have to check out the steps to make this. How creative!!

Hope you enjoyed these sweets! I definitely want to try out the cake roll, and the cookies! Check back tomorrow for a cute DIY tutorial on updating the look of your home office. Saturday I'll finish off the party with a final DIY round-up! Feel free to share this party on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Here is my button for the party:

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