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It's a special week here at Sarah Lynn's Sweets - it's a weeklong party devoted to the popular chevron pattern! I love experimenting and trying out new ideas here on my blog. Over the past year and a half, it has really evolved and grown. I started out strictly with cupcakes, posting about once or twice a month. Then I added on cakes and fondant tutorials. Next, I branched out into cookies, pies, and other sweets. I've since added a link party, a savory food series, DIY projects, blog tutorials, tons of changes to my blog, and online recipe cards!

I decided, though, that I wanted to try something completely different for this week. Lately, as I'm sure you have, I've noticed chevron pattern everywhere. I love it! I've always been a big fan of patterns - polka dot, damask, and houndstooth are some of my favorites. I'm loving chevron, though, and decided to devote a week to this cute design.

You may be wondering how a food blogger will devote a week to a pattern... Well, I've decided to experiment and share all sorts of ideas. From tutorials, to Pinterest round-ups, to wish lists, I've got some new types of posts to share. Today's post actually is a cake decorating post, but most of the others will be non-food related. Here's my schedule for the week:

So, first up today is a cake topper I made for a friend's birthday cake. I wanted to make a simple, but cute cake for her to enjoy. The cake was a little belated, but we had a great time with her and her husband. I think she enjoyed the cake. I wanted to try putting her initial on the cake, and thought of trying a chevron pattern for the "E". These would be cute to make smaller for cupcake toppers as well!

Here's how to create this unique (and cute) topper:
  • Dye fondant the color you would like to make the zig-zags for the chevron pattern
  • Roll fondant out to a thin rope (I just roll it with the palm of my hand)
  • Roll out fondant for your base shape, roll to about 1/16 in 
  • Cut out your base for the topper: could do letter, number, shape, etc (size depends on whether wanting to make for a cake, or cupcakes)
  • "Glue" on zigzags using gum glue (small gum paste or fondant dissolved in water)
  •  Place on cake after icing

I didn't have time, but I would have loved to pipe some zigzags around the side to continue the theme. There are so many other cute ideas I've seen for cakes, check back Thursday for my round-up!

Come back and party with us the rest of the week, feel free to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Here is my button for the party:

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