March Madness: Round #3

It's March Madness, so I decided to have a little fun on my blog. Last week I kicked off a tournament and have slowly been dwindling the recipes down to determine the best sweet treat! I started with 8 sweet treat recipes, and today I have it down to 2. YOU help determine the winner by sharing, commenting, and viewing the best sounding recipes!

Here's the game set-up and the latest results.


Free Throw (1 pt): Past and present views of recipe on blogger (I'll divide to make a more reasonable score, ex: 100 views = 1 point)

Dunk (2 pts): Vote for the recipe (see polls below)

3 Pointer: Share or shout-out on social media during the game. Can be a pin, Facebook share, tweet, mention on blog, etc. Just make sure and let me know by commenting below!

Game Schedule:

Championship: Starts March 25 and Ends 10 PM EST March 28

Results from the First Round:

Region 1:
Cannoli - 14
Key Lime - 13

Each cupcake scored 6 points from the poll, but Cannoli Cream Cupcakes just barely won the game with a bit more pageviews over Key Lime Pie. It was a super close game!!

Region 2:
Orange Julius - 32
Andes Mint Cookies - 16
There wasn't much competition here, Copycat Orange Julius continues to be the recipe to beat. The pageviews alone gave it a competitive edge over Andes Mint Cookies. Sorry Andes Mint cookies, my husband sure enjoyed you!

Round #3:

So, as you can see from the updated bracket, it is now Cannoli cupcake vs. Copycat Orange Julius.

Remember Orange Julius has the advantage with tons of pageviews. So, if Cannoli cupcakes are your favorite, make sure and vote and share! You can share your favorite recipe on your blog, or social media, just make sure and comment here!

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