A Cake About Nothing

Any Seinfeld fans out there? Today's cake is all about the popular sitcom. My husband has always been a huge fan of the show, and Jerry Seinfeld in general. I hadn't watched a full episode before we met, but I think I've seen them all now. He really got me hooked in the show, it is just so funny! For my husband's birthday this year, I surprised him with tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld perform. It was hilarious, it exceeded our expectations! Not only was it relevant and fresh material, but it was hysterical without being overly vulgar.

Over the weekend, we celebrated my husband's birthday and I made him a Seinfeld cake. It was fun to make and a big hit with my husband. Here are the pieces I made for the cake:

One piece I knew I had to include on the cake was Kramer's iconic shirt from the show. If you've watched very many episodes at all, you've probably seen him wear the button up shirt. To make this piece, all I did was cut out a shirt shape out of white fondant. I then decorated it with a red edible marker. I basically just drew two small curved lines for the claws, a longer oval for the body, and a small blob for the tail.

Another piece that was needed for a Seinfeld cake was a reference to the popular Soup Man episodes. "No soup for you" is a popular phrase from the show, so I figured it needed to be included.

The next piece from the cake is a box of Junior Mints candy. Fans of the show might recall the episode named after the candy, where Kramer drops a Junior Mint into a patient while observing a surgery.

On the show, Jerry Seinfeld loves eating black and white cookies. They are his favorite and he eats them in several episodes. To make these, I just made fondant circles that I colored with a marker.

"These pretzels are making me thirsty!" It started out as a line Kramer was given in a Woody Allen movie, but it turned into a catch phrase on the show. It's sort of a replacement for saying you are angry. I made these pretzels by rolling in thin ropes of brown fondant and shaping them into a pretzel shape.

No Seinfeld cake would be complete without a logo! I made this by creating a yellow oval and topping it with red letters spelling "Seinfeld." We rolled the fondant out thin and formed the letters.

I finished the cake out by making fondant Cheerios, Seinfeld was constantly eating the cereal. I just rolled out tan colored fondant into balls, and then pushed the end of a paintbrush through it to make the Cheerio shape.

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