Sweet Blessings

Tonight Tyler and I had our first volunteer experience with Sweet Blessings.  It is a great organization that creates amazing, one-of-a-kind birthday cakes for terminally ill and underprivileged kids in the area.  I had stumbled across it when I was searching online for some cake decorating classes in Lexington.  You can read more about the organization here or on their Facebook page here. Their mission is to share Christ's love with these children by giving them a special cake based on something they love. Sweet Blessings has been around a year and they were celebrating it by having an all day cake making event, I think they were shooting for 30 cakes in 24 hours!

Tyler and I worked a couple hours and had a blast!  The lady that started the organization makes some amazing cakes. She has also worked with them so much that she knows a lot of tricks and tips. I felt like I learned a lot and got some good tips, just in the couple hours we worked.  We got assigned a Star Wars cake.  The cake had already been baked and the blue fondant applied, but we created and decorated the cake with the rest of the decor.  Here's a couple shots of the cake.  I had to dye the gum paste to create Yoda, I still have green on my hands!  :)

We are excited to continue to work with this organization in the future!  It will be fun to have another avenue to work on cake decorating skills, but it is great to help bring encourage kids who are having a hard time.

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