Happy Engineer's Week - a little late

I decided to start a blog to share various cupcakes and sweets that I have been creating.  I have really gotten into decorating cupcakes, as well as other sweets, in the past few months.  Most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest or the Hello Cupcake book series.  If you have never seen the books, they are full of adorable and creative ways to decorate cupcakes and cakes for holidays and various themes.  You can check out their website here.  Pinterest is another place full of great ideas from home decor to recipes to baking ideas.  It's a little addicting, but I've already found so many great ideas on the site!  If you would like an invitation to join Pinterest (requesting an invitation through the website can take a while), you can email me here.

My latest creation is for Engineer's Week.  My fiance and I are both engineers, so I thought we should make something to celebrate the week.  I was out of town with work and not able to make anything last week, so the treats are just a week late. The idea came while I was stuck for hours at an airport with delays.  I was looking around online and found there's not a high demand for math/engineer themed sweets. :) Later I came up with the idea to create calculators using graham crackers covered in chocolate.  It was pretty simple to make and they've been a big hit!

If you are interested in making the calculators for a math/science friend, they are pretty simple to make. As I was making them I realized they would also be pretty easy to modify into Game Boys for a video gamer. My fiance and I had a great time making them!

  1. I poured melted chocolate over the bottom portion of the graham crackers lined up on wax paper. I used a second sheet of wax paper over top of the graham cracker to create a clean line between where the white chocolate and chocolate meet.  
  2. Before the chocolate dried I moved the calculators to a different spot on the wax paper so the excess chocolate around it wouldn't harden and cause them to stick to the paper. 
  3. While the chocolate was still melted, I placed mini M&M's on it to decorate as buttons.  Be careful not to press too hard as I broke a couple of them!
  4. I poured white chocolate over the top portion to create the screens.  
  5. Once it dried, I was ready to add my graphs. I didn't have a tip small enough, or any icing bags at my apartment, so I improvised by cutting the corner out of a ziplock bag and pouring chocolate in the bag.  It took a pretty small hole, but I was able to create the graphs and curves on the calculator screen.  

Let me know what you think about the treats, and feel free to click on the Sweet Treats link to the right for more cupcakes and treats I have made in the past. I hope to blog again soon about more treats I am making!

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