Art Party: Part One

This past weekend we celebrated my niece Alexis' six birthday! I can't believe she turning SIX, it seems like she should still be a toddler! Alexis loves art, so my sister decided to have an art theme for her birthday. It was such a creative and cute idea for a birthday party! Alexis and her friends had a blast at an art studio where they got to paint and decorate tote bags for her friend party. She also had a family party over the weekend.

My sister is so creative and does an awesome job with decorating. I was excited to help with the edible treats, though! Today I'm kicking off a two part series with all the snacks I made. I'll also be showing them some of the decor from the party. First up, I will be sharing the tiered art theme cake I made for the family party. Check back later this week for the treats we made for the kid's party.

Here's a few pics I got of the decor for the family party at their house:

For the party, I wanted to make a tiered cake with different fondant art supplies. It took a lot of time to make the pieces, but I had a blast! To top the cake, I used an easel with a "6"-themed canvas, palette, and a paint brush. I used fondant to create the palette, paint brush, paint, and canvas. To create the easel, I used 1/2 fondant and 1/2 gum paste. I started by creating an "A" shape and then letting it dry overnight. The next day I added the third leg and let that dry overnight. Here's a close-up of the top:

The rest of the cake is decorated with art supplies, and an "Alexis." All the pieces are made out of fondant. I made a pencil, drawings, painting, crayons, and scissors. Here's some close-ups of the pieces:

When I started assembling the cake, I thought it was a bit too much white. So, I decided to roll out purple and orange fondant ropes to use as borders. I also added colored polka dots to the top cake, and the back/side of the bottom cake. Here's how it all turned out:

Alexis loved the cake! She'd barely blown out the candle before she was trying to take the pieces off and play with them! The cake was definitely a labor of love, as the pieces took a while to make. But, seeing how excited she got over the cake was definitely worth the effort!

Check back later this week for the cookies and cupcakes I made for her friend party!

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