Cupcake Round-Up

When I first started my blog, the only recipes I shared were cupcakes. I didn't venture out into cake decorating much, and I only occasionally tested out other recipes. This blog was all about the cupcakes! Back then, I didn't share my blog much, so the posts didn't get a lot of traffic. I decided to bring back some oldies, but goodies (ok...maybe a year isn't an oldie, but you get the point). So here are my five favorite cupcake flavors I have made. Hopefully my new readers will find a tasty treat they probably missed! Each description includes a link to the original post, which contains the recipe. Enjoy!

Mocha and Coffee Cream

First, we have my Mocha and Coffee Cream cupcakes. I made these by tweaking and experimenting with my favorite chocolate recipe. I replaced some of the milk with iced coffee and some of the boiling water with freshly brewed coffee. The buttercream contains both coffee and coffee creamer. These cupcakes seem to taste even better after being left out overnight, the flavors were even stronger. My coffee-loving husband couldn't get enough of these cupcakes! If you love coffee, then you have to try these.

Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Next up, are my Chocolate Chip Cannoli cupcakes. I made these after our honeymoon to NYC. We had so much wonderful food on our trip, but cannoli was definitely one of our favorites! These cupcakes start with your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe baked per usual. An authentic tasting chocolate chip cannoli cream is used to fill the cupcakes. They are then topped with a light whipped topping and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. These cupcakes are a must try!

Apple Butter and Cinnamon

Apple Butter and Cinnamon cupcakes are next in this round-up. These were a huge hit at the potluck I took them to. These are really simple to make, you just add a little apple butter at the top of the batter when you are filling the cupcake wrappers. The apple butter sinks some while baking, but lands near the middle. The cupcakes were paired with a delicious cinnamon buttercream that is the perfect compliment. I got asked what bakery these cupcakes came from!

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Sticking with the apple theme, next up are Apple Pie cupcakes. There's an interesting story behind these... It was my first night in our house and my first time using the kitchen. I had somehow lost my mixer in the move and ended up having to whisk everything instead. I was also making an apple pie, it all just turned out to take a lot more time than I was expecting. The beautiful kitchen was a disaster by the time I was done! On top of that my then fiance (now husband) was with the groomsmen at a baseball game and had his windshield broken by a foul ball. Interesting night to stay the least...

But, the flavor of these cupcakes is amazing! The cupcakes themselves taste like apple pie - apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg are all included. Then you have a crumble on top that includes more cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. To top it all off, I made a caramel frosting to drizzle on top. These were a huge hit with the groomsmen when they got to the house!

Andes Mint Cupcakes

Last, but definitely not least, are Andes Mint cupcakes. They are a chocolate cake filled with an Andes Mint filling (complete with small chunks of the candy). To top it off, I made a mint buttercream. These are my husband's favorite cupcakes I have ever made. He's a huge Andes Mint fan, and said these are just like eating the candy! If you have a friend of family member that loves this candy, then you have to try them.

Thanks for checking these cupcakes out, feel free to share online or with a friend. Have a great weekend!

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