Daring Baker

A few weeks ago I found The Daring Kitchen website when I was looking around for online baking groups.  I was intrigued by the premise of the group, getting home cooks to try various monthly culinary challenges to expand their repertoire and experiment in the kitchen.  The group is comprised of mainly food bloggers who try the monthly challenges and then blog about them.  There are two groups, the Daring Bakers and the Daring Cooks.  The schedule of the two groups is offset so someone could potentially do both challenges each month.

I thought this seemed like a great idea, and so I applied to be a Daring Baker.  My goal is to eventually become a Daring Cook as well, but for now I'm sticking with the baking.  I got my email this past week that I was an official Daring Baker!  Today I received my first challenge and I am very excited to begin working on it.

Part of the rules of the group are to blog about the monthly challenge, but not until a specific time.  New challenges are given at the 1st of the month and participants have to wait until the 27th of each month to publicly post about their challenge.  Once I post the challenge, I will include the recipe and detailed instruction for any readers who would like to try it out!

If you are interested in learning more about The Daring Kitchen, you can click on the logo at the top of the blog and it will take you to their site.  Their page also includes a blog roll with all the members blogs.  There are blogs on anything culinary related. You can find blogs that specialize in certain types of food, various styles of cooking, and some that are about any and all types of food! 

I can't wait to work on my challenge and share it on here.  But before then, I have some other sweet treats that I will be trying.  I have been experimenting with a new cake pop/donut hole maker.  I am still learning, but have made a few treats.  I am also working on a protein packed healthy cupcake recipe that I will be baking for a 5K coming up! Check back soon for an update on these and other treats!

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